Jim Jordan blew the whistle on this Deep State plot against patriotic FBI agents

Jim Jordan is a top Republican watchdog against leftist misdeeds in Congress.

He discovered the Deep State’s latest infuriating move.

Now, he blew the whistle on this Deep State plot against patriotic FBI agents.

The trumped-up events of January 6th have been used to launch a witch-hunt against pro-Trump conservatives.

Tens of thousands of Americans peacefully exercised their constitutional rights to protest that day.

Among them were Trump-supporting FBI agents.

The corrupt leadership of the FBI joined with other parts of the Deep State in an effort to take out President Trump.

Furious that rank and file members of the FBI showed up in support of President Trump, the agency has put them in their crosshairs.

Presumably, there were some on official duties. 

But now the FBI is pulling the security clearances for FBI staffers who were present at the protests on January 6th because they supported Trump. 

None of these staffers are accused of breaking any laws or entering the Capitol building that day.

Given the sensitive nature of FBI work, losing security clearance is usually the first step in losing a job with the agency.

For simply exercising their constitutional rights and showing support for President Trump, the FBI’s leadership is trying to purge these patriots.

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan called out this Deep State retaliation against Trump supporters.

Whistleblowers within the FBI came to Jordan to warn him of this totalitarian Deep State purge.

”It’s called the First Amendment. You’re allowed to [attend the rally],” Jordan said on Newsmax.

“’It wasn’t while they were on duty, [it was] their day off, they go with their spouse, they didn’t go into the Capitol,” Jordan explained.

“They just were engaged in being at a political rally with President Trump speaking,” he added.

Jordan said that FBI whistleblowers told him that none of the staffers were interviewed by the FBI or accused of any wrong doing by the agency.

”Everyone knows that’s the first step (losing security clearance) in a termination process when you work at the FBI,” Jordan said.

”One of these individuals was a 20-year veteran in our military, and has worked at the FBI for 10 years, and is being, I believe, targeted by someone in leadership,” he explained.

These troubling allegations led Jordan to seek answers from FBI Director Christopher Wray.

In a letter to Wray, Jordan said, “while FBI employees may not participate in partisan political campaigns, FBI employees do not give up their rights to engage in political speech activity.”

He explained that this fits into the pattern of the Biden weaponizing the government against their political opponents.

”This is part of a broader pattern,” Jordan stated.

”It’s targeting people that don’t share the same political beliefs, as we said in the letter, that the left, the people who run the bureaucracy and run the Biden administration, the beliefs that they have,” he remarked.

If Republicans retake the House, this could be yet another investigation for Jordan into FBI misconduct.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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