Impeached DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas is sweating bullets after The New York Times exposed this jaw-dropping plan

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President Joe Biden’s top man at the Department of Homeland Security got impeached by House Republicans over the immigration crisis.

But a brewing scandal tied to immigration policy could heat things up even more for Mayorkas.

Now the impeached DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas is sweating bullets after the New York Times exposed this jaw-dropping plan.

Many American travelers are not pleased about this program 

If you travel regularly or have traveled recently, then you know that the worst part of any trip is going through the TSA line. 

Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) agents have immense and arguably unconstitutional powers to search your body, luggage, and other personal belongings without a warrant. 

Just recently, the TSA – which is a branch of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) – quietly implemented a new measure that uses facial recognition technology to screen passengers as they head through their mandatory security screenings. 

In essence, passengers are asked to look into a camera at the beginning of the screening process.  

This step typically replaces the requirement of showing a boarding pass and sometimes an ID to a TSA agent, which were previously required at the TSA entrance.

Just last Sunday, the New York Times published an article about this alteration to the TSA screening process. 

According to Times reporter Christine Chung, “This passenger screening using facial recognition software and made available to select travelers at LaGuardia by Delta Air Lines and the Transportation Security Administration, is just one example of how biometric technology, which uses an individual’s unique physical identifiers, like their face or their fingerprints, promises to transform the way we fly.” 

However, it should be noted that many airports, both small and large and regardless of the passenger’s airline, have implemented this technology as of February 2024. 

Under the program, the federal government now urges airline passengers to have their picture taken after providing a valid photo ID for use in the facial recognition verification the Transportation Safety Administration has begun rolling out nationwide.

Chung wrote, “The T.S.A. has experimented with facial recognition technology since 2019. Screening verification currently offered at Denver and Los Angeles International Airports and some 30 other airports start when a photo is taken of the traveler,” adding, “Then facial recognition software is used to match the image to a physical scan of a license or passport. The photo was deleted shortly afterward, according to the agency. This process, which passengers can opt out of, will be available at some 400 more airports in the coming years, the agency said.” 

While the TSA claims travelers are permitted to opt out of the invasive facial recognition scans, many travelers aren’t informed they can opt out and assume they have no choice.

Others say they’ve felt coerced into participating, with some passengers fearing that refusing could result in extra unwanted screenings and negative pressure from fellow passengers when TSA agents point fingers at those who opt out as causing delays. 

Regardless, many Americans see federal government collection and utilization of biometric data as precursors to draconian Digital ID and Chinese Social Credit Score-style abuses. 

During the pandemic, officials in China and even some Western nations used these tools to exact near total control over citizens.

The TSA’s heavy investment in facial recognition technology demonstrates the governments data collection priorities 

The federal government, particularly the Department of Homeland Security under the direction of impeached Security Alejandro Mayorkas, has invested heavily in data collection in recent years through a number of organizations including the TSA. 

Many fear that the immense amount of data collected poses a threat to their personal liberties. 

However, as long as a vast number of Americans tolerate such infringements on their freedom and privacy, it’s only likely to grow more invasive.

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