Hollywood is trying to help Joe Biden with this deeply unnerving threat to freedom

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Radical leftists have immense power over America’s entertainment, education, and media industries. 

These leftists will do anything to retain their wealth and power, destroying anybody who dares to step in their way. 

And now Hollywood is trying to help Joe Biden with this deeply unnerving threat to freedom. 

The film industry is determined to eliminate online privacy, but perhaps not for the reason they want you to believe 

Ever since the beginning of Hollywood and film production, people have found ways to illegally duplicate films. 

Whether it be illegally recording movies at the theater, selling bootlegged tapes and disks, or illegally streaming content, piracy has always been a major problem for Hollywood. 

As a result, the federal government has strict laws preventing these sorts of crimes, which you may have learned about from a young age via strict FBI warnings at the beginning of VHS tapes. 

Stealing any property is bad of course, just as it is when Hollywood films promote Communist takings. 

However, Hollywood elites are demanding more action, particularly when it comes to the illegal streaming of their content on internet forums like Reddit. 

And that’s raising questions about what could be their real motive.

Hollywood is going after Reddit with a lawsuit that threatens to end online anonymity.

The Hollywood powers behind the lawsuit are attempting to set a precedent that could make the IP addresses of internet users public, attaching IP addresses to individual citizens. 

If they’re successful, online privacy will be a thing of the past. 

In a lawsuit brought forth by several powerful film producers, the movants state that they wish to obtain the desired IP addresses of Reddit users and claim they “are not ‘unmasking’ Reddit’s subscribers. Movants’ subpoena merely requests Internet Protocol (“IP”) address logs. An IP address is not a person.”

The legal filing adds, “Reddit’s pages of arguments based upon the First Amendment standards for ‘unmasking’ anonymous speakers are not applicable. Reddit does not dispute that the information Movants seek is relevant to their claims and rebuts Frontier’s safe harbor defense.  Reddit does not assert any burden for disclosing the IP address log information requested.”

In a nutshell, the lawyers representing these Hollywood elites claim that obtaining the IP addresses of Reddit users does not violate their privacy and anonymity.

However, most experts will tell you that it is not very difficult to trace an IP address or individual if so desired. 

As a result, many Americans fear that these seemingly benign steps to prevent online piracy are nothing more than an attempt to set a precedent to end online privacy. 

Doing so would allow authorities across the globe to monitor the activity of their enemies, potentially putting an end to online free speech. 

Ending online anonymity has become a top policy prerogative for the authoritarians in Washington, D.C. and their leftist cronies in Hollywood.

Hollywood elitists frequently oppose property rights for everyone else

Hollywood elites often promote Communist themes like the elimination of private property in their films and public statements.

That’s a big reason many suspect this lawsuit has more to do with setting the precedent to give global authoritarians the means to punish their political enemies by ending online privacy than it does with trying not to protect intellectual property 

If they can strike a death blow to online privacy then you can bet they’ll end property rights for everyone except themselves.

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