Greg Gutfeld just set the record straight following the release of these shocking reports

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The deep state will do anything to prevent Donald Trump from taking power again. 

Many political elites know that Donald Trump would clean house if reelected, putting their moneyed interests at risk. 

But Greg Gutfeld just set the record straight following the release of these shocking reports.

The federal government has some explaining to do as damning details come to light

From the moment Donald Trump started to gain steam in 2016, the political establishment made it their top priority to dismantle his movement. 

For example, Donald Trump and his associates have claimed that multiple agencies, some under the direction of former President Barack Obama, spied on his campaign in 2016. 

Per Donald Trump in 2020, “Well, look, the Obama campaign spied on our campaign, and they’ve been caught, all right?” he added, “It’s probably treason. It’s a horrible thing they did. … They used the intelligence agencies of our country to spy on my campaign, and they have been caught.”

The corporate media instantly discredited these claims, painting Donald Trump as a madman for even suggesting the notion that federal officials spied on him in 2016. 

However, Greg Gutfeld – host of Fox News Channel’s Gutfeld! – set the record straight, following the release of bombshell reports which indicate that the government may indeed have spied on the Donald Trump campaign in 2016. 

Per Gutfeld, “Now, you must remember when Donald Trump claimed his campaign was being spied on and the mainstream media called him crazy? Well, much like most things today, Trump ends up calling it correctly.”

He added, “He’s like a white version of Miss Cleo. Don’t remember her, huh, RIP. Now, a new report from Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi and Alex Gutentag at Public backs up Trump’s assertion. They say the U.S. intelligence community, “…illegally mobilized foreign intelligence agencies to target Trump advisors long before the summer of 2016.”

Gutfeld then explained why these agencies allegedly spied on the Trump campaign, adding, “If true, our spies illegally surveilled United States citizens for political reasons. But why, you ask? Well, Trump was the first real anti-establishment candidate to have a chance at becoming president and the establishment wouldn’t have it. So they committed to taking him out. And when he rightly suspected it, he and his supporters were mocked mercilessly, accused of anything and everything.”

These allegations could prove what many Trump supporters have said for quite some time

For years, Donald Trump and his supporters have accused former and current federal officials of using dubious tactics to derail his movement.

Regardless of the actual truth, so-called “fact-checking” websites have worked tirelessly to discredit these claims and paint the target for censoring conservatives on the grounds of stopping the supposed “misinformation.” 

If these reports regarding the federal government spying on Donald Trump are true, then it could have massive consequences for America’s massive spying and surveillance infrastructure if Donald Trump wins this November. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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