Google put it’s thumb on the scale when they allowed one struggling candidate to get away with this dirty campaign trick

Democrats are still punishing the entire country for Donald Trump’s victory in 2016.

They’re strong-arming big tech to do their bidding in order to limit Republicans’ reach.

Now Google put its thumb on the scale when they allowed one struggling candidate to get away with this dirty campaign trick.

Former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe’s bid to reclaim the office is hitting the skids.

Virginia has trended from purple to blue because of the influx of federal workers from Washington, D.C.

Despite that, former Clinton bagman Terry McAuliffe is still in a tight race with Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin as Democrats growing radicalism turns off moderate and even liberal voters.

McAuliffe even acknowledged on a conference call that Joe Biden was “unpopular” in the state.

In order to combat this, McAuliffe is engaging in an underhanded campaign trick: he’s manipulating Google Search by running ads similar to news articles users have searched for.

But the McAuliffe Campaign has deceptively edited the headlines to make it look like the articles are attacks on Youngkin.

From The Washington Post:

“[T]he ad includes titles written by the campaign, which are subtly different from the original search engine headlines written by the publications, and appear in the same format as a headline would appear in a search result. An Axios article with the title ‘Virginia Governor’s race features Taylor Swift,’ appears in Google search results, for instance, but the McAuliffe campaign opted for a different title in its paid advertising link to the same article: ‘Glenn Youngkin – Betrayed Taylor Swift.’”

If Donald Trump had done something similar, the Democrat Media Complex would’ve called it a “threat to our Democracy” and insisted Google put a stop to it post haste.

And Google would have obliged.

But when the Democrats do it, it’s simply a “novel political advertising method” as described by The Washington Post.

It’s clear the Democrats are getting nervous if they’re stooping to this new low.

The Post continued:

“The changes and formatting of these new ads — almost identical to how a news article would appear in search engine results — was enough to raise concern for some political and media experts, who said the ads could make it appear as though the news organizations were writing the altered headlines or the candidate was paying for the coverage.”

If McAuliffe loses his race, it could mean disaster for the Democrats in 2022.

They’ve doubled down on their radical agenda, and voters are not buying it.

Of course, you can be sure Democrats will still claim Big Tech allowed Republicans to spread “disinformation.”

But Terry McAuliffe’s new political ad strategy proves that when the Left accuses you of something, you can bet whatever it is, is exactly what they’re doing in reality.

And there’s no denying Big Tech is helping the Democrats do it.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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