Google did something unthinkable to shut down one pro-life message

Big Tech has massive control over the public.

That thought is even scarier considering companies’ obvious left-wing bias.

And Google did something unthinkable to shut down one pro-life message.

The pro-life group Live Action has been barred from advertising with Google, the most powerful company in the world.

According to Live Action founder Lila Rose, abortion zealots exerted pressure on Google to ban pro-life themed advertisements.

Pro-abortion activists feverishly try to convince people that babies are simply fetuses or a “clump of cells,” which is why they don’t want the general public to understand the science around gestation.

The more people understand the science, the more the pro-life movement grows.

This was the ad that sparked the pro-abortion activists to go on the offensive.

This isn’t the first time Rose has been targeted by the Left online.

A whistleblower at the social media site Pinterest revealed that moderators at the company were labeling Live Action content as pornography in order to limit its spread.

Abortion might be the issue that animates the radical Left more than anything else.

They have a conniption when their ability to kill babies is abridged in any way.

But as science improves along with awareness, people’s attitudes around abortion are changing.

And as Democrats push to enshrine abortion up to the point of birth, the majority of Americans opposite late-term abortion.

It’s concerning that Google is putting its finger on the scale of a hot-button issue.

It just goes to show that the Left is not interested in truth or free and open debate.

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