Globalist was furious when Elon Musk used one word to describe his radical agenda

Elon Musk is at odds with the elites who once championed him.

His purchase of Twitter was a huge disruptive force.

And a globalist was furious when Musk used one word to describe his radical agenda.

The wealth management firm BlackRock is responsible for much of the “woke” capitalism that is currently ruining commerce.

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink manages $10 trillion in assets, so he has a lot of sway in the market.

Fink was responsible for the scourge of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) scores, which have been used to bully corporations.

For example, if they don’t commit to climate action, their ESG score could be affected, which would cause investors to pull money and hurt the stock price.

Many people are beginning to push back against ESG, one of them being tech billionaire Elon Musk.

Musk says ESG movement is “Satanic”

The Tesla CEO said that “the S in ESG stands for Satanic.”

Since becoming more vocal on social media and ultimately buying Twitter, Tesla’s ESG score has tanked.

Musk’s electric car company went from having a perfect score to getting docked heavily because he criticized authoritarian establishment policies and wokeness, thus Tesla’s Governance score dropped.

Fink is currently in Davos, Switzerland with the other globalist elites at the World Economic Forum, and he is not at all happy with Musk.

Fink does not like how ESG has been—rightly—demonized.

Fink whined, “I’m taking this very seriously…We are trying to address the misconceptions. It’s hard because it’s not business any more, they’re doing it in a personal way. And for the first time in my professional career, attacks are now personal. They’re trying to demonize the issues.”

The elites hate when people notice what they’re doing and object to it.

Fink continued, “Let’s be clear. The narrative is ugly. The narrative is creating this huge polarization…If you really read the CEO letters that I’ve written in the past I talk about a transition.”

It seems that people are not in favor of the “transition” that Fink is monomaniacally pushing on companies.

Fink added, “We are doing everything we can to change the narrative…BlackRock is a firm that tries to sell hope because why would anybody put something into a 30-year obligation unless you believe something is better in 30 years?”

Fink has triggered an anti-ESG movement where activist investors are looking to prod corporations into doing what’s best for shareholders, not nonsensical ESG goals.

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