Fox News viewers were shocked by what banned Rush Limbaugh replacement Dan Bongino just told viewers

The Democratic establishment is getting increasingly authoritarian.

Installing Joe Biden as president has not gone over well.

But Fox News viewers were shocked by what banned Rush Limbaugh replacement Dan Bongino just told viewers.

Dan Bongino has become a persistent target of the Left.

Big Tech removed him from Google-owned YouTube for the flimsy excuse of “misinformation,” and Bongino removed Google ads from his webpage in response.

Bongino has thrived on YouTube competitor Rumble where he has even more subscribers.

Now, Bongino is using his Fox News platform to call out the Democrats’ plans to usher in the Great Reset.

The New York Times and other corporate-controlled media outlets labeled the Great Reset a “far-right conspiracy theory,” but it’s impossible to deny when Klaus Schwab, leader of the globalist organization known as the World Economic Forum (WEF), publishes a book called “COVID 19: The Great Reset.”

Schwab and the WEF have pushed for a reset of the global economy where citizens “will own nothing,” which was presented cheerily during a slide show presentation.

In order for the plan to come to fruition, individual nation states must be broken down and brought to heel into a centralized global economy.

Bongino explained that the method for doing this involves breaking down the family and religion.

Bongino said during his monologue:

“In order to ‘reset’ the world, liberals must first get rid of the old one, and that’s why they constantly attack religion and family. The real power struggle here, folks, is between objective truths and the absolute power of the State. The family and religion are competition for the State and the Left. And there’s nothing they hate more than competition and a meritocracy.”

The Left’s efforts to undermine the family and religion are quite clear.

Leftists in academia say it openly in arcane textbooks and published research papers, and the corrosive ideas have trickled down to K-12 education.

Parents have begun pushing back in school board meetings, and they have predictably been labeled “racists.”

The old tricks of the Left and the globalists are being exposed in real time, and more people are waking up.

The Left cannot win if people understand the intentions behind their actions.

Donald Trump’s presidency helped people see what was happening in plain sight.

Now, Conservatives and counter-narrative liberals need to continue the mission by calling out the insidious attacks on religion and family.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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