Facebook may be forced to drop one nightmarish new product

The dangers of social media are slowly coming into focus.

These Big Tech platforms are not the unquestioned good as perhaps originally thought.

Now Facebook may be forced to drop one nightmarish new product.

The Wall Street Journal has been rolling out a big exposé on the social media giant Facebook.

One of the revelations is that an internal investigation at Facebook showed that Instagram, the photo-sharing platform that was acquired by Facebook a few years ago, was causing depression in teens, particularly young girls who developed negative body image issues.

Being inundated with images of perfectly toned fitness models was the source of much anxiety and lowered self esteem.

That’s why Facebook’s plan to create an Instagram for kids was met with swift resistance.

Breitbart reports:

“The researchers presented their findings to Facebook which concluded that a significant number of teen girls that use the Instagram platform develop body image issues. Among the researchers’ findings are that Instagram makes existing body image issues worse and that teens blame the platform for an increase in anxiety and depression.”

The findings led to lawmakers calling for Facebook to scrap its Instagram for kids initiative.

Brains don’t stop developing until around the mid-20s, so there’s no telling how social media sites stunt or alter adolescent development.

These sites have been programmed to be more addictive.

Many have drawn the parallel between Big Tobacco and Big Tech.

These companies know their products are designed to keep people clicking and refreshing.

But many in Silicon Valley do not let their own kids use smartphones and tablets.

It’s a huge red flag when the people working for these companies don’t want their children using the products.

Facebook should not be actively targeting kids.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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