Facebook just got caught red-handed engaging in extreme bias

Big Tech is finally under the microscope.

Social media giants wield significant power over the public.

And Facebook just got caught red-handed engaging in extreme bias.

Ever since Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016, the establishment has been scrambling for answers to explain the loss.

One explanation was that there was too much free speech on social media, so executives have been reining in conversations on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

But the censorship rules don’t apply to everyone.

According to an internal audit, celebrities and other elites enjoy a different set of rules on Facebook.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

“Mark Zuckerberg has publicly said Facebook Inc. allows its more than three billion users to speak on equal footing with the elites of politics, culture and journalism, and that its standards of behavior apply to everyone, no matter their status or fame. In private, the company has built a system that has exempted high-profile users from some or all of its rules, according to company documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. The program, known as ‘cross check’ or ‘XCheck,’ was initially intended as a quality-control measure for actions taken against high-profile accounts, including celebrities, politicians and journalists.”

Not only do elites get special privilege, they get prompt responses when they complain about some form of moderation.

However, the rules are different for conservative and anti-establishment voices.

Anyone who challenges the narrative is more likely to be censored or down-boosted.

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone admitted as much when he said that the dissemination of the Hunter Biden laptop story broken by the New York Post would be slowed down on the platform.

The Wall Street Journal continued:

“Today, it shields millions of VIP users from the company’s normal enforcement process, the documents show. Some users are ‘whitelisted’ – rendered immune from enforcement actions – while others are allowed to post rule-violating material pending Facebook employee reviews that often never come.”

The revelation confirms what many conservatives have suspected for years.

Far-left accounts – particularly celebrities – can get away with just about anything so long as it hews to the establishment narrative.

Some of the anonymous quotes from the confidential review are eye-opening:

—“Facebook routinely makes exceptions for powerful actors.”

—“We are not actually doing what we say we do publicly…Unlike the rest of our community, these people can violate our standards without any consequences.”

— “[Whitelists] pose numerous legal, compliance, and legitimacy risks for the company and harm to our community.”

Twitter undoubtedly has similar bias built directly into its platform.

For example, prominent conservatives with orders of magnitude more followers than a random left-wing journalist might be denied a blue checkmark.

Social media giants are shaping the public conversation, and they’re clearly putting their finger on the scale.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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