Even Anthony Fauci was left speechless at the gut-turning power grab this global organization is going for

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Following the end of World War II, the victorious allies helped create the United Nations. 

Every American could soon find what a horrific call that was.

And even Anthony Fauci was left speechless at the gut-turning power grab this global organization is going for.

The W.H.O. just unveiled their plans to crack down even further on free speech 

For many believers of individual liberty, it does not come as a surprise that organizations like the United Nations primarily serve to restrict individual rights for the sake of “global security.”

After all, adding even more layers of government has rarely solved society’s problems over the course of human history.   

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) has emerged as one of the most powerful globalist institutions, influencing governments across the globe regularly. 

For example, just last Tuesday, W.H.O. quietly unveiled its strategy to sway the upcoming elections in America and all across the globe for that matter, with what they deem as so-called “disinformation prevention.” 

In a brief post posted on the W.H.O. website, The W.H.O. discusses the findings of two separate reports, which they claim “identifies ways to strengthen health security through operational solutions.”

The first report simply examines the threats to cyber security and outlines how the W.H.O. plans to bolster its defenses.  

The second report, however, raises some eyebrows with its pledge to clamp down on free speech, especially pertaining to medical issues. 

Per the W.H.O., “Disinformation, unlike misinformation, is created with malicious intent to sow discord, disharmony, and mistrust in targets such as government agencies, scientific experts, public health agencies, private sector, and law enforcement. In other words, disinformation is a weaponization of information.”

The post added, “Understanding infectious disease disinformation history and its intersection with public health over time is crucial to formulate effective solutions to counter disinformation. The report examines different types of pandemic disinformation over time, and how perpetrators exploit the audience’s cognitive mechanism.”

The post then touches on the details of potentially policing so-called “disinformation”, further adding, “As part of a broader and long-term ideological or political agenda, or for economic gain, some disinformation messages are professionally crafted and proliferated, requiring WHO and public health partners to be equipped with multi-faceted approaches to counter these threats.”

Many Americans fear that policing online speech could erode their fundamental rights

The W.H.O.’s plan to clamp down on “disinformation” demonstrates just how far globalist organizations will go to quell the free flow of discourse online. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations such as the W.H.O. dabbled in this sort of censorship, voicing their outrage anytime somebody had the nerve to defy their agenda. 

For this reason, some politicians have either taken actions to leave the W.H.O., such as President Donald Trump in 2020, or distanced themselves from the influence of W.H.O. as much as possible. 

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