Disagreeing with this one group of academics is probably a sign you’re crazy

At least that’s what they want you to believe.

The effort to turn non-conformist political beliefs into a mental health disorder is moving along at a brisk pace — from Big Tech oligarchs to the real lunatics colleges and universities and the bureaucracy.

But anyone who disagrees with this one group of academics probably shouldn’t read this article.

The people who turned gun-shot deaths into a “public health” issue are coming after conservatives even more aggressively.

Ironically, while they’ve turned a blind eye to serious mental health conditions at the root of most deadly shooting deaths, now they’re using mental health as an excuse to go after conservatives.

The Centers for Disease Control Director, Rochelle Walensky, said in a recent interview that she has a plan to deal with government employees refusing to comply with the Biden Administration’s vaccination mandate, “There is a plan should these people not want to be vaccinated towards education and counseling to get people the information they need so that they are feeling comfortable in getting vaccinated.”

A Fox News host referred to Walensky’s “plan” as a “reeducation” program—and liberal news watchdog sites are freaking out.

They don’t like Walensky’s plan being associated with a word that reminds people of communist dictator Mao Zedong’s horrifying and deadly reeducation camps.

Some people have a hard time handling the truth.

Walensky’s claim that she can educate and counsel adults who have already made an educated decision into “feeling comfortable” is nothing more than a cover to make aggressive, inappropriate, politically driven policies seem more palatable.

Of course, academics are analyzing the situation with psychiatrist Joseph F. Goldberg M.D. writing about those who aren’t cheerfully jumping in line to get the jab.

He wrote, “Vague uncertainties about their safety can intensify and transform into a more florid paranoid stance. Paranoia can become an organizing, clarifying force in the face of perceived threat, but it too can escalate with contagion to stoke fears among the confused, uninformed, or uncertain.”

He goes on to essentially claim anyone who doesn’t want to go along with the Biden Administration mandate is crazy—and should be forced into it.

In fancy doctor talk it sounds like this: “The circumscribed, false fixed belief of likely harm from a medical procedure, despite evidence to the contrary, is captured in the DSM-5 construct of delusional disorder.”

Considering everything that’s going on in our country many Americans—about half who didn’t vote for Joe Biden—are disillusioned.

But it’s not a “disorder.”

Goldberg’s argument, like the CDC Director’s, hinges on the idea that those refusing to follow the government’s blanket prescription simply aren’t smart enough to understand the science.

But the reality is a whole lot of people are smart enough to figure out that this entire mess is being managed with very little scientific data—and a heavy dose of aggressive authoritarianism.

Perhaps, if they don’t want to be compared to mad deadly dictators—or creepy doctors in white coats from another era—those currently in power should rethink their entire approach.

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