Democrat mega donor made one purchase that will send a chill down your spine

The establishment can feel its control slipping away.

That’s why elites are resorting to more and more desperate measures.

Now, a Democrat mega donor made one purchase that will send a chill down your spine.

George Soros has his paws all over American politics.

One of his most destructive projects has been the funding of far-left district attorneys around the country.

However, one of his hand-picked prosecutors was just recalled in liberal San Francisco, and another one is on the brink of being recalled in Los Angeles.

Now, Soros is turning his attention to another project: radio.

Soros helped finance a project for Democrats to buy Spanish-language radio stations.

The Post Millennial reported that “Democrat media activists bought 18 Spanish radio stations for $60 million. While the announcement headlines famous investors like actress Eva Longoria, billionaire progressive bankroller George Soros also helped finance the purchase. The effort is advertised to compete in a market that’s said to be largely controlled by conservative and right-wing voices…The Latino Media Network (LMN), led by former Obama staffer Stephanie Valencia and left-wing activist Jessica Morales Rocketto (who worked on both Clinton and Obama campaigns), has bought 18 Latino AM and FM radio stations in ten different markets that previously belonged to the TelevisaUnivision network. Approximately 20 million people listen to these stations.”

The intent of the move is clear.

Democrats read the polls and see that Hispanic voters are cozying up to the Republican Party.

The Left assumed that they would have an unbeatable voting coalition due to massive waves of both legal and illegal immigration.

But the numbers have not played out that way.

It turns out that Hispanic voters are not too fond of unfettered illegal immigration and bad economic policies.

For example, several border communities in South Texas have flipped red thanks to the damaging immigration and economic policies of the Biden administration.

Some Democratic representatives have even switched their party affiliation.

Buying these radio stations is a desperate attempt to propagandize Latinos in key markets with a constant stream of left-wing messaging.

The Left have shown that they cannot handle dissenting opinions.

They view disagreement as “disinformation.”

When Democrats do not have full control of the narrative, they become less popular.

The corporate press is finding that out the hard way as viewership and ratings are in a death spiral.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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