Country star Morgan Wallen just humiliated the Left’s Cancel Mob

The Cancel Mob is out to take down anyone who doesn’t bow at the altar of political correctness.

They’re trying to dominate every part of culture.

But country music star Morgan Wallen just humiliated the Left’s Cancel Mob.

The Left is furious after this country music superstar just got the upper hand against cancel culture.

Country music has long been one of the most Conservative areas of popular culture.

As the Woke Mob has taken over popular culture, they’ve put it in their sites.

Nashville is becoming controlled by the same major labels who control the rest of music and they’re trying to make country music totally woke.

But Morgan Wallen is one of the biggest stars on the country scene right now.

He faced one of the most vicious cancellation campaigns in music history.

Wallen was recorded after a late night of drinking with some of his friends using the “n-word” in jest.

It was clear that he wasn’t trying to be hateful towards anyone.

But while Hunter Biden may be free to use the word without consequences, it wasn’t so for the country star.

Despite him apologizing and donating money to black-related charities, the Cancel Mob sensed the opportunity to cancel a Conservative, Christian star and went to work.

Wallen’s music was nearly erased from existence. 

Radio stations and streaming services pulled his songs despite being major hits.

His music videos were pulled off of TV and stores stopped carrying his CDs.

And the corporate-controlled media suddenly took an interest in country music, running numerous hit pieces against Wallen.

His record label suspended him, his agent dropped him and former friends turned on him. 

He was hit with everything the Cancel Mob had to make him a pariah in Nashville.

But Wallen beat back cancel culture with his biggest win yet.

His Dangerous: The Double Album won album of the year at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

This comes after he was banned from attending the Country Music Association awards show last year where his album lost in an upset for album of the year.

His CMA awards win is the latest in a string of victories after his would-be cancellation.

Dangerous: The Double Album was the best selling musical album of 2021, beating out albums from the likes of Taylor Swift and Adele.

His Dangerous Tour is selling out stops around the country, including two nights at Madison Square Gardens.

Wallen never backed down in the face of relentless cancellation attempts.

His humble, positive attitude inspired his legion of fans to stick with him.

Now, he’s given others a blueprint for how to stand up to the Cancel Mob.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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