Bud Light executives discovered they can’t even give away beer without getting savaged

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Alcoholic industry giant Anheuser-Busch thought it could get away with pushing woke propaganda on Americans.

But the c-suite hot shots just got one ugly wake-up call.

And Bud Light executives just found out they can’t even give away beer without getting savaged.

When Bud Light executives gave the green light to an ad campaign with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney—who has two million followers on Instagram—they had no idea how quickly their customers would school them.

The saying “go woke, go broke” took on a whole new meaning when the company’s stock entered free-fall mode.

In fact, the value of the entire company dropped by 10% losing more than $14.6 billion in stockholders’ money.

That means one woke ad campaign just cost the company more money than the entire market cap of American Airlines—or the entire annual Gross Domestic Product of the Bahamas.

Now with sales nosediving, Anheuser-Busch’s marketing departments are pulling out every trick in the book to stop bleeding money while coping with the sudden oversupply due to a month-long boycott of their products that’s only picking up steam.

Instead, they just found a new expensive way to get themselves mocked.

Rebate nets buyers $0.02

Twitter users were having a heyday after someone posted a picture of a $19.98 case of Bud Light with a $20 refund rebate sticker slapped on the package—proving the company’s executives can’t even pay people to take their beer without getting mocked.

“You’re making two cents profit per case when you buy Bud Light,” one Twitter user noted.

“And there’s still plenty on the shelf. They can’t even give people money to take it off their hands,” another user noted.

Before their misguided ad campaign landed Bud Light right in the middle of America’s social wars, Bud Light was the best-selling beer in the nation year after year.

Now not only are Bud Light sales tanking, but consumers are also researching all the brands sold by the company and starting to avoid them as well.

This ongoing war with the public should serve as a cautionary tale to other executives tempted to cave in to the demands of woke investment managers on Wall Street who want them to implement all kinds of environmental and social governance schemes.

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