Bret Weinstein exposed a globalist plan to jail people for something that will leave you red with rage

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Evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein has become a vocal critic of the globalist agenda.

He often shares his insights with hosts such as Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson.

And Weinstein exposed the globalist plan to jail people for something that will leave you red with rage.

Bret Weinstein is a lifelong liberal who has been awakened to the authoritarianism on his own side.

He first became acutely aware when unhinged leftists took over Evergreen State College, where he and his wife Heather Heying worked as professors.

The far-left college ultimately caved to the demands of the mob, and both Weinstein and Heying were forced out of their jobs.

Since then, the two have been fierce critics of forced COVID vaccines and other totalitarian schemes by globalists.

During recent appearances on Joe Rogan’s and Tucker Carlson’s shows, Weinstein spoke about the dangers of mass illegal immigration into America.

Weinstein also sounded the alarm on medical tyranny that is not far from coming to the United States.

Presaging adoption of WHO Pandemic Treaty

The French government passed a provision that could criminalize opposition to medical treatments, including mRNA vaccines, some say.

Weinstein explained, “France has now criminalized objections to the mRNA platform, exposing those targeted to ruinous fines and imprisonment. It’s obvious lunacy, and that it’s happening in a Western nation should alarm us all…This madness must be defeated, in France, at the WHO, everywhere it arises…”

An excerpt of the provision reads: 

Four aims to create a NEW OFFENSE.

This is article 223-1-2 of the penal code. Under this article several conditions are set: 

1 – A person must “cause” the abandonment or abstention of therapeutic or prophylactic medical treatment would fall under the offense. 

2 – This “provocation” must be presented as beneficial for health; 

3 – This provocation must go against established medical knowledge;

4 – The abandonment or abstention must be “likely” to have serious consequences for their physical or psychological health; 

Who establishes this medical knowledge?

French Attorney David Guyon, who vehemently opposes the new law, explained, “It is difficult to see how this constitutes a contribution to combating the illegal practice of medicine or the deliberate endangerment of others. In fact, the provocation aimed at by the text is already repressed by other texts. Among these texts, we can cite the illegal practice of medicine or charlatanism…In reality, it is obvious that any person who criticized the vaccination against covid 19 could be subject to this offense. However, the aforementioned offenses do not make it possible to repress dissenting opinions on health policy…Consequently, such a text would be dramatic and would repress any challenge to the official word. This is why it must be fought.”

As Guyon pointed out, there are already laws to prevent charlatanism.

The new law would have the effect of chilling dissent, and it is impossible to know how the authorities would apply it down the road.

Based on the actions of the COVID regime, elites would love nothing more than to criminalize opposition to their agenda.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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