Black Congressman Byron Donalds lowered the boom on Democrats for “political washing” plan against conservatives

Democrats are constantly on the prowl for a crisis to accelerate their agenda.

They feed on mass tragedy.

But black Congressman Byron Donalds just lowered the boom on Democrats for “political washing” plan against conservatives.

Former Mayor of Chicago and Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel famously said that “you never want a crisis to go to waste.”

Democrats are masters of using crises as a form of emotional blackmail to push their radical policies.

Whenever there is a tragedy, the Left coerces people to “do something,” which always turns out to be one of their policy goals.

The Democrats are doing that again with the recent horrific shooting by a mentally-ill man in Buffalo, New York.

Governor Kathy Hochul didn’t even wait for the bodies to go cold before jumping to take advantage of the tragedy politically and push Democrats top priorities – online censorship. 

“It’s all induced by the internet…And the fact that platforms are willing to share this information, allow it to be posted, a manifesto that’s been out there that describes in great detail how someone wants to have an execution of individuals in a community that’s targeted because it’s the highest black population within a geographic area, that’s all out there…I hold them responsible for not monitoring and alerting law enforcement,” Hochul screeched.

The Democrat Party has of course historically jumped on any shooting they can craft a narrative around to push for gun control.  Already they’ve introduced a new “licensing” scheme in Congress that would require Americans to get the Department of Justice to sign off on your guns.

But they’re really doubling down on using Buffalo to censor law-abiding Americans speech – especially on social media. The Biden administration went so far as to create an Orwellian Disinformation Governance Board under the scope of the Department of Homeland Security.

Florida Congressman Byron Donalds appeared on Fox News with Steve Hilton and blasted the Democrats’ “political washing of this event across Republicans or across Conservatives.”

The game of the Left is clear.

Attack everything on the Right as “white supremacy.”  

Ever since news of the shooting broke, it’s nearly impossible to hear a Democrat politician or the media utter more than a few words without them plugging that term into the discussion as they demand more power to censor conservative Americans on social media.

In reality, the shooter self-identified as a leftist in his manifesto – he even admitted to being a full-blown communist at one point.

He also donned symbols of the neo-Nazi Azov Battlioin in Ukraine and mentioned the far-left Christchurch shooter in New Zealand as an inspiration who had trained with the Azov Battlioin in Ukraine – an inconvenient truth for the warmongers in the Democrat Party.

Rep. Donalds refocused the responsibility on families to shield their kids from going down internet rabbit holes.

Donalds told Hilton that “people might be quick to say, ‘Oh, we should pass a law,’ but the reality is that what happens in the home is the responsibility of the parents and the family. It’s not the responsibility of government.”

But Hochul and other Democrats are hell-bent on Big Government running your social media and censoring whatever they don’t like.

Donalds continued, “I’m a free speech absolutist. I think that free speech must always be protected…I think if you’re going to go down the line of there’s a court order to remove certain information or if you’re talking about child pornography—things that we know already are illegal—yeah, we should remove that, but again, the responsibility for what people take in is a responsibility of parents.”

Governor Hochul had the audacity to blame social media for not informing law enforcement, but the shooter was already known by law enforcement after he told his teacher he wanted to murder people.

Donalds concluded, “As a former New Yorker, New York has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. How did he acquire his weaponry? … [A]s a policymaker, we have to be very careful of is jumping to conclusions or jumping to policy or going to go grab my last policy off a shelf, which is what the Democrats want to do right now with their gun control policy.”

Democrats are already pushing for more gun control laws, but their primary concern right now is censorship.

They are badly losing the information war, so they have to shut their opponents up.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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