Bill Maher called out the dangerous thing Big Tech is doing

Bill Maher is becoming a gadfly for the Democrat establishment.

He’s one of the few remaining liberals willing to call out the insanity of the Left.

And Maher just called out the dangerous thing Big Tech is doing.

Bill Maher has put himself squarely on the Left’s enemies’ list because he occasionally has the temerity to criticize liberal insanity.

Maher broke ranks with the Left on some aspects of the COVID-19 narrative and said it was fair game to speculate about the lab leak hypothesis, which is now generally accepted as the most likely scenario.

Now Maher is ripping into Big Tech for censoring inquiries about the lab leak as well as potential drug treatments for the coronavirus.


As Maher pointed out, it’s absurd for Google and Facebook to censor discussion about COVID-19 when they and the “authoritative sources” were wrong on many occasions.

It’s particularly troubling that information about the drug Ivermectin is being heavily censored.

Dr. Pierre Kory, a frontline intensive care physician has studied Ivermectin closely and used it to combat COVID.

Dr. Kory’s conversation with evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein – a political progressive – was censored by YouTube.

Kory and Weinstein had to go to Joe Rogan’s podcast on Spotify to get their message out.

Ivermectin has been an effective antiparasitic for nearly 50 years.

Scientists even received a Nobel Prize for its discovery.

However, Ivermectin is out of patent, which means there’s no money to be made in it.

Suddenly there’s a push by “the experts” to say it’s unsafe for COVID treatment even though it’s been around decades.

Whether or not Ivermectin should be used to treat COVID must be robustly debated, but it’s not.

The establishment apparently has an agenda against it, so the public has to work hard to find information because the corporate-controlled media and Big Tech are making it unnecessarily difficult.

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