Bill Gates just outraged internet users after promoting this nation’s dystopian program

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People all across the world have become increasingly reliant on technology.

As people depend more on technology, bad actors have found ways to exploit people without them even realizing it.

And Bill Gates just outraged internet users after promoting this nation’s dystopian program.

Bill Gates will not rest until Digital IDs become the new normal

As the world becomes more integrated with technology, many governments have rapidly introduced new and creative ways to identify and track civilians.

Large globalist governing bodies like the European Union, the United Nations, along with countless other governing bodies, have invested billions in what they like to call the “Digital Public Infrastructure” or DPI.

Digital IDs are a result of these investments, which allow state officials to identify and track the every move of their citizens.

This way, the state knows where you are (both physically and online), what you are doing with your body, and how you are spending your money, just to name a few examples. 

Although Digital IDs pose a massive threat to individual liberty, they often gain public support under the guise of innovation and convenience. 

Billionaire tech mogul Bill Gates has led the push for Digital IDs, presumably because they have been used to help enforce vaccine initiatives. 

Just last Sunday, Bill Gates posted on his blog, GatesNotes, about an upcoming trip to India, where he hopes to witness India’s massive DPI.

Per Bill Gates, “Another area where I admire India’s innovative spirit is what’s known as digital public infrastructure, or DPI. In short, DPI refers to the digital platforms and tools that help deliver various services.”

He added, “ India’s biometric identity program, Aadhaar, covers more than 1.4 billion people, allowing them to take advantage of all kinds of government services without needing a photo ID. UPI, a digital payment system that ensures that the person you’re doing business with is who they say they are, processes more than 12 billion transactions a month.”

To people like Bill Gates, India’s use of so-called DPI serves as a model for governments across the globe.

But for many, these invasive programs that monitor your every transaction, cough, and move are their worst nightmare.

In China, for example, the communist regime has used extensive digital infrastructure programs for some time, with terrifying results.

State officials in China have used the massive amounts of data they have collected to establish social credit scores of sorts, which essentially grade your obedience and loyalty to the state. 

Those with high marks receive more liberties, while those with low social credit scores have virtually no individual liberties.

Digital IDs could come to the United States if Bill Gates and Joe Biden get their way

Many fear that the widespread implementation and use of Digital IDs in the United States could allow the federal government to institute l social credit programs similar to China’s. 

And, as far as vaccines are concerned, digital health passports such as the ones used in India allow the government to see exactly who is vaccinated and for what. 

Such information gives them the ability to restrict your freedoms accordingly.

For many Americans, these capacities are not something to admire, such as Bill Gates does, but rather, something to fear. 

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