Big Tech’s collusion with Joe Biden for censorship could hit a disturbing new level with this move

Joe Biden was handed the White House with the help of Big Tech.

Now that he’s in office, their relationship is growing closer.

And Big Tech’s collusion with him for censorship could hit a disturbing new level with this move.

Big Tech buries any information that could hurt the radical left.

Under Joe Biden, the problem is getting worse.

His regime has called on the Big Tech overlords to fight “misinformation” and “conspiracy theories.”

Both of these are just code words for anything that hurts the regime.

Big Tech has dutifully shut down any story that hurts that Biden like the Hunter laptop story.

Now, YouTube is trying to take the censorship to the next level.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki came out against free speech and asked for the government to make censorship easier.

She asked for the government to pass new laws restricting speech online so it’s easier for YouTube to censor.

Wojcicki appeared on the German YouTube channel TIDETVhamburg when she dropped the bombshell.

She said that censorship controversy happens when YouTube censors content that’s “harmful” but “not illegal” especially related to the pandemic.

“What has been the controversial part is when there is content that would be deemed as harmful but yet is not illegal.  An example of that, for example, would be COVID. I’m not aware of there being laws by governments saying around COVID in terms of not being able to debate the efficacy of masks or where the virus came from or the right treatment or proposal but yet there was a lot of pressure and concern about us distributing misinformation that went against what was the standard and accepted medical knowledge,” she remarked.

The “pressure” and “concern” she mentioned could be Biden’s calls for YouTube and other Big Tech platforms to tackle so-called “misinformation.”

YouTube has censored numerous people for posting about the effectiveness of masks like Rand Paul even though the “accepted medical knowledge” has changed.

She then asked for the government to make her life easier in censoring content.

She said, “Our recommendation, if governments wants to have more control over online speech is to pass laws to have that be very cleanly and clearly defined so that we can implement it.”

This is an open invitation to Biden to increase online censorship.

YouTube has been cracking down on conservatives on its platform banning prominent channels like President Trump and Dan Bongino.

Others like Rand Paul, have voluntarily left YouTube to move up to free speech competitor Rumble.

This becomes the latest push from Wojcicki to get the government involved in online censorship.

Earlier she asked for more “guidance” from the government on so-called “hate speech” and cited the European Union’s onerous anti-free speech laws.

With YouTube showing no signs of backing down on censorship, this could lead to more conservatives leaving the platform for competitors like Rumble.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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