Biden’s pals have a disturbing plan to attack Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis and a handful of other governors are fighting back against Joe Biden.

They are using their state power to stop the advancements of the establishment.

But Biden’s pals have a disturbing plan to attack DeSantis.

The Democrat establishment is coming up with new methods of control because the old methods are not nearly as effective as they once were.

In the past, people generally trusted institutions, but now they don’t.

That’s why Democrats have been pushing so hard for censorship and coercion, e.g. banning people on social media for so-called disinformation and forcing people to get the COVID vaccine as a condition of employment or access to broader society in many cities.

Americans have also seen the establishment go after financial services for people who voice counter-narrative opinions; in Canada, fascist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau briefly shut down banking services for participants in the trucker convoy.

Now, major financial institutions are using their muscle to punish entire states.

The Wall Street Journal reported that “ideological criteria will now influence the credit ratings of state and local governments, thanks to S&P Global Ratings. In addition to rating governments on meaningful financial criteria, in March the biggest of the top three credit-rating firms began to apply an environmental, social and governance, or ESG, rating system.”

ESG scores are the new way that power brokers in the financial world can pressure companies—and perhaps now states as well—into whatever ideological pigeonhole they want.

For example, global wealth management firm BlackRock is using its considerable muscle to place people on boards that will push for specific green energy initiatives, even if they’re bad for business.

BlackRock was selected by the Federal Reserve to manage billions of dollars in the bond and mortgage-backed security (MBS) market.

Unsurprisingly, the Fed’s bond purchases went into BlackRock funds.

BlackRock has been a disruptor in the housing market by buying up single-family homes and using them as rentals.

If BlackRock’s strategy of buying homes above market rates blows up in its face, then the company should be allowed to fail, which didn’t happen after the crash of 2008.

The Wall Street Journal added that “the ESG disclosures many corporations have felt compelled to release have also led to frivolous legal action and shareholder resolutions, an additional fiscal drag on businesses. Extending this regime into the municipal sphere is an invitation to litigation and other coercive tactics that will sabotage states’ self-determination and independence.”

It’s quite clear that state ESG scores are a way of opening the door to punishing states if they do not go along with the insane environmentalist goals of the elites.

Governors and municipal governments have to be willing to stand up to this coercion and not roll over.

If you give the authoritarians an inch, they will take a mile.

The Chinese Communists didn’t get their Social Credit scoring implemented overnight. It was a process of one usurpation at a time. 

So-called ESG scores are among the elites’ most stealth and underhanded tactics in moving America toward full-blown police state.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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