Biden’s globalist pal used three shocking words to describe Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter

The all-out leftist assault against Elon Musk continues.

He has made himself a target by challenging some of the most powerful and corrupt people on the planet.

Now, Joe Biden’s globalist pal used three shocking words to describe Musk’s purchase of Twitter.

The establishment never expected that Twitter could be taken away.

Twitter is the playground for all of the blue-checkmark journalists who spread propaganda and attempt to shape public discourse.

Musk shook things up when he offered to buy the company and take it Twitter.

He infuriated everyone from anonymous trolls to world leaders.

And Irish President Michael Higgins said that Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is a “form of dictatorship.”

Musk, who has been excoriated by the Left for believing in the principle of free speech, is somehow a dictator or wanting to protect speech on the platform.

That’s the biggest tell-tale sign of how far the Left have gone to the fringes.

Higgins said in an interview, “You had a kind of a code — an understanding — as to what is legitimate comment and so forth, and if that was breached how it could be handled…Then you get the development of social media and so on: why would you say — why would anyone say — that those who can concentrate the greatest ownership should be the people who should be the people who would decide how people should deal with each other in communication? … It is such an absurd form of dictatorship in a way…You don’t have to be a mad, left-wing person to believe that, it’s just about democracy.”

In the past, Higgins obliquely referenced Musk, saying that billionaires buying companies was “dangerous narcissism.”

The attacks on Musk are so transparent.

They don’t care about left-wingers like Jeff Bezos owning The Washington Post or Bill Gates propping up globalist outfits like the World Health Organization.

The problem is that Musk is uncontrollable.

That’s what the establishment hates more than anything.

The reason Donald Trump was so hated by the elites was because he spurned the globalist agenda and would not bend the knee.

Trump and now Musk are showing people that they can fight back against the establishment’s lies and false narratives.

If Musk’s purchase of Twitter goes through, it will become clear just how manipulated and biased the platform was against counter-narrative voices.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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