Biden SCOTUS Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson has some explaining to do after one mistake

Photo by Senator Tim Kaine on Flickr (Public domain)

The Democrats use the corporate press to smear their opponents.

And Clarence Thomas is currently in the crosshairs.

But Biden Supreme Court pick Ketanji Brown Jackson has some explaining to do after one mistake.

The Democrats have perfected their smear machine, and they deploy against their enemies whenever they want.

They can also use that same machine to prop up their allies.

That machine is known as the so-called mainstream media.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is being smeared mercilessly because he is a stalwart conservative on the court, and has been for 30 years.

The Democrats are suddenly cooking up bogus scandals against him because they’re hoping he’ll retire or get impeached, which would allow Joe Biden to put another liberal on the bench.

Meanwhile, Biden’s sole appointment, Ketanji Brown Jackson, has been glorified by the corporate-controlled press.

Legacy media institutions stepped in like a praetorian guard when Jackson was raked across the coals by Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee for not being able to define the word woman.

Now Jackson has another problem.

She made disclosure errors, which undercuts the Left’s witch hunt against Justice Thomas.

Ketanji Brown Jackson cut the knees out from under Democrats’ Clarence Thomas smears

During a politically-motivated ethics hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee, Republican John Kennedy of Louisiana noted that Jackson made errors during her confirmation that were completely ignored by the Democrats and their media allies.

Kennedy said, “Justice Jackson made multiple amendments three days after President Biden nominated her. Not one senator brought that up during her confirmation hearings. Not one of my colleagues here walked into her hearings with the buckets of mud that they’ve thrown against Justice Thomas. Not one.”

During the confirmation process, Jackson “inadvertently omitted” financial disclosures regarding her husband’s business.

Democratic Committee Chairman Dick Durbin tried to justify the hearing by attacking Justice Neil Gorsuch over some petty business deal.

Durbin said, “This is untenable…Ethics cannot simply be left to the discretion of the nation’s highest court. The court should have a code of conduct with clear and enforceable rules.”

In response to the Democrats’ obvious witch hunt, Chief Justice John Roberts assured that he and his colleagues signed “a Statement of Ethics Principles and Practices to which all of the current Members of the Supreme Court subscribe.”

During the proceedings, Lindsey Graham remarked that the entire affair represented a “concentrated effort by the Left to delegitimize the court and to cherry-pick examples to make a point.”

But the Democrats’ attacks won’t work because they don’t have anything.

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