Biden and the Democrats could be getting a taste of their own medicine

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The Democrats cannot stomach Donald Trump reclaiming the White House.

They have pulled out all the stops to thwart Trump.

Now Joe Biden and the Democrats could be getting a taste of their own medicine.

The Democrats clearly do not want to see Donald Trump win the 2024 election.

That goes without saying because he is a Republican.

But the levels to which Democrats are willing to stoop simply to stop Trump have become outrageous.

Democrats have unleashed lawfare against Trump all over the country.

They are attempting to disqualify Trump from the ballot in multiple states.

Democrats on the Colorado Supreme Court voted 4-3 to allow Trump’s name to be left off the GOP Primary Ballot.

Now, residents in Illinois are doing the same thing to Joe Biden.

Shane Bouvet, Timothy Conrad, Terry Newsome, and former U.S. Senate candidate Peggy Hubbard filed an objection to rule Biden ineligible in 2024 for providing “aid and comfort” to America’s enemies.

Accusation of supporting America’s enemies

The complainants argued, “Biden has given aid and comfort to enemies of the Constitution and the United States by, among other things, failing to enforce the laws of the United States, allowing entry of enemy agents illegally into the country including tens of thousands of military age men, and abandoning assets of the United States to the possession of our enemies.”

Bouvet added, “Our objection is to reinforce that We The People will not tolerate betrayal.”

Democrats argued that Trump was an “insurrectionist” because of January 6.

Based on such an overbroad interpretation, Biden has provided aid and comfort to America’s enemies.


Biden has a duty to uphold the Constitution, but his Administration is actively undermining it many Americans say, including on immigration law.

Currently, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the Biden Administration are in a standoff over the state’s right to erect border wire as a deterrent against illegal immigration.

Biden ordered Abbott to stand down and allow the feds to cut down the wire, but Abbott has thus far refused.

When the Colorado Supreme Court decided to allow Trump to be taken off the ballot, conservatives and sane liberals argued that the same logic could be applied against the Democrats.

The objectors in Illinois are providing proof of that.

Attempting to disenfranchise voters by refusing to allow them to vote for candidates is a race to the bottom.

Hopefully, the Democrats now see the error of their ways.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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