Barack Obama will love this Orwellian technology that snuck into the West with Mardi Gras

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Western governments are itching to implement ever more authoritarian means to control populations.

World leaders have openly praised the top-down control system implemented by Xi Jianping.

And Barack Obama will love this Orwellian technology that snuck into the West with Mardi Gras.

Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are two of many globalist elites who have praised the Chinese Communist Party system.

One of the hallmarks of the CCP is mass surveillance.

China implemented a system of being able to identify people in mass crowds and judge their moods.

The system was originally tested on the Uyghur Muslims, who live in veritable concentration camps.

Sydney Mardi Gras event went full “Big Brother”

Now the surveillance system is being used in Sydney, Australia.

Closed-circuit television cameras with data analytics software were employed at a Mardi Gras Gay Pride Parade in Sydney.

A Mardi Gras spokesperson said, “The technology helps with managing the safety of the crowd by measuring capacities, allowing operations to zone in on an area that needs immediate response or to plan ahead for where there are areas of growing crowds…[It’s] not used for surveillance and does not track or collect any personal information.”

The spokesperson added, “There is no facial recognition tracking and it cannot track people from one place to another. It provides real-time metrics that snapshot the crowd across the entire route at any given point to inform proactive crowd management decision-making.”

Even if that were true, it’s only a matter of time before that type of technology is implemented, if it already isn’t by government agencies.


A Sydney WorldPride spokesperson attempted to allay concerns over surveillance, explaining that the surveillance was implemented to “provide a safe and secure environment for those attending Mardi Gras Parade…That includes plans to manage traffic and transport, public safety and health and crowd management…Police will be deployed from police area commands across the metropolitan area, supported by specialist officers.”

The last three years of the COVID regime should serve as a reminder for everyone that once the state takes away rights, it rarely gives them back.

The technology moved from Communist China to Sydney, and it will undoubtedly crop up more and more in the United States.

Privacy and AI will be two of the biggest technology challenges in the upcoming years.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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