Apple won’t like the three songs sitting atop the iTunes charts

Big tech has a clear left-wing bias.

That has been made abundantly clear over and over again over the past five years.

And Apple won’t like the three songs sitting atop the iTunes charts.

Two different “Let’s Go, Brandon” rap songs—as well as the extended version of one of them—sit at the top of Apple’s iTunes charts.

Pro-MAGA rappers Bryson Gray and Loza Alexander are both ahead of pop icons Adele, Ed Sheeran, and others with their viral anti-Joe Biden tracks.


Apple has to be beside themselves because CEO Tim Cook is an unabashed leftist.

He said Apple would remove hateful content from its iTunes store, so the company would love to remove these “Let’s Go, Brandon” songs if they could.

Apple also conspired with Google and Amazon to take out Twitter competitor Parler.

The two hit rap songs came about as crowds around the country have been chanting “F*ck Joe Biden” due to his disastrous presidency.

An NBC Sports reporter at a NASCAR event tried to paper over the anti-Biden chant by pretending as if they were shouting “Let’s go, Brandon.”

Since then, the meme has spread like wildfire.

Loza Alexander’s rendition was the first to hit big and reach number one on the iTunes charts.

The Bryson Gray version was censored on YouTube for “medical misinformation” because the track was critical of the COVID regime that has stamped out many American freedoms.

But censoring didn’t seem to tamp down its popularity, as it currently sits at number one on iTunes.

For the first time in ages, it appears as if the Left are losing ground in the culture war.

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