All hell broke loose when Twitter Files Journalist Matt Taibbi got hit with a bone-chilling smear

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The Twitter Files exposed insane collusion between worldwide governments and Big Tech figures.

The weaponization of tech against citizens just took the most disturbing turn yet.

And all hell broke loose when Twitter Files Journalist Matt Taibbi got hit with a bone-chilling smear.

Large technology companies have invested billions in Artificial Intelligence programs over the last year or so. 

Many experts believe that AI technology could completely change the game, and every tech company wants a piece of it. 

But Matt Taibbi was left stunned after diving into a “woke” AI rabbit hole and got hit with disturbing allegations.

Google Gemini just demonstrated even more shortcomings after its disastrous rollout 

An arms race of sorts has developed in the technology industry, with nearly every Big Tech company investing billions in AI research and development. 

Many experts predict that AI could completely change the way people use the Internet, potentially replacing search engines like Google sometime in the near future. 

As a result, Google has dumped billions into its AI platform known as Gemini, which first became available to users last December. 

Gemini’s release has so far been an unmitigated disaster, costing Google’s parent company, Alphabet, billions of dollars in value in recent weeks. 

Users discovered “woke” biases in Gemini’s programming, with examples emerging of Gemini rendering images of historical figures like George Washington as a black man or the Pope as a woman. 

Journalist Matt Taibbi looked at Gemini for himself, only to learn that the scandal-plagued platform not only casts him in a bad light but allegedly makes stuff up about him. 

On Racket News, Taibbi wrote, “Last night, after seeing chatter about Google/Alphabet’s much-ballyhooed new AI tool, Gemini, I checked for myself. Any product rollout disastrous enough to cause a one-day share drop of 4.4% for a firm with a $1.73 trillion market capitalization must be quite a spectacle, I thought.” 

He added, “Curious, I cued up Gemini.  “What are some controversies involving Matt Taibbi?”  It spat out a list. “Matt Taibbi, a journalist and author known for his investigative reporting and often critical views of power structures, has been involved in several controversies throughout his career,” the bot wrote.”

What came next shocked Taibbi to his core. 

Gemini claimed In June 2010, “Matt Taibbi faced criticism for an article he wrote for Rolling Stone magazine titled “The Great California Water Heist.” The article alleged a connection between conservative donor Charles Koch and a left-wing activist group called the “Compton Pledge.”

Taibbi noted that “None of this happened! Though it sounds vaguely like a headline for an article I might have written, there was never a Rolling Stone piece called “The Great California Water Heist,” and I’d never heard of the ‘Compton Pledge.’”

In a nutshell, Gemini allegedly made up these stories out of thin air, accusing Taibbi of writing a controversial article, which Taibbi claims never existed and was certainly never published in the far-left Rolling Stone Magazine. 

Taibbi just exposed the dangerous nature of some AI programs

Although Google Gemini’s “woke” image-creating software has gone viral, these examples of creating false stories about journalists like Taibbi uncover extremely concerning and serious flaws in the program. 

Any technology developer will tell you that any technology, including AI, is only as good as the people who program it. 

Taibbi’s experience demonstrates an extreme bias against white men and conservatives which as Taibbi noted, has already cost Google billions in value as well as the competitive edge in the extremely competitive and contentious AI market. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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