A Trump daughter revealed her plan to defeat the Democrats at their own game

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The Democrats pulled out all the stops to get Joe Biden over the finish line in 2020.

And they’re preparing to do it again.

But a daughter of Donald Trump just revealed her plan to defeat the Democrats at their own game.

Donald Trump has finally had enough of Ronna Romney McDaniel as Chair of the RNC.

Trump endorsed McDaniel over conservative attorney Harmeet Dhillon, who sued the Biden administration over his OSHA vaccine mandate, but blowing one election cycle after another has its consequences.

One contender to succeed McDaniel is Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara, wife of son Eric.

Fight fire with fire

Perhaps her biggest selling point as RNC Chair is her push for ballot harvesting, which allows a third party to pick up and deliver ballots on other people’s behalf.

In 2018, Democrats notably flipped Orange County from red to blue because of ballot harvesting, but Republicans were able to flip the county back after dipping their toes into ballot harvesting as well.

Republicans have long been averse to ballot harvesting—it remains illegal in several states—but others have said that the GOP should avail themselves of ballot harvesting until successfully making it illegal in all states.

Lara Trump explained, “It feels, for a long time, like the Democrats have been playing chess and we’ve been playing checkers.”

In that same vein, Republican strategists have urged Donald Trump to embrace mail-in voting until the rules are changed.

Regarding the chess-versus-checkers comparison, Lara vowed: “to be the opposite, to be steps ahead of them, and on our toes, and ahead of the game, and facing forward the whole time.”

Lara Trump also called for the RNC to train poll workers.

She said, “They don’t just stand in the background and kind of keep an eye out and look around for things…They physically can count how many ballots are coming in, and how many ballots are going out.”

Playing the game

Democrats have benefited from big political machines in cities like Chicago and Philadelphia.

If Republicans are serious about winning, they have to take advantage of the rules of the game.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also said that the GOP should use ballot harvesting and then push to outlaw the practice.

DeSantis commented, “I think you should have ballot harvesting where it’s legal and then fight to have the legislatures in those states get rid of it because that’s not the way you should conduct an election.”

Donald Trump broke up the political dynasties of the Clintons and the Bushes, so his voters might be reluctant to back Lara Trump.

But at the very least, her ideas deserve consideration.

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