A police officer stepped forward with one unnerving revelation about the Epstein files

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Many questions still remain about the Jeffrey Epstein case.

His mysterious death and client list have not been thoroughly explored.

And a police officer stepped forward with one unnerving revelation about the Epstein files.

People are still demanding answers about the life and death of notorious sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

The names of his high-profile clients who may have committed sex crimes are hidden under lock and key.

But a former police officer named John Mark Dougan could get people one step closer to the truth.

Dougan was a cop with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office where he befriended Detective Joseph Recarey, who worked on Epstein’s first case involving sex trafficking.

Ex-Palm Beach County cop claims hundreds of Epstein recordings

Dougan claimed Recarey gave him hundreds of secret Epstein client recordings to safeguard.

He told Independent Journalist Ivory Hecker, “Joe Recarey calls me up. He says, ‘Hey, I’ve got something I want you to hang onto for me.’ He comes with a box filled with CDs. They all had videos on them. And he said, ‘Look, I got a high-profile case. It’s the Epstein case. This evidence I think is probably going to disappear. I want you to hang onto it for me in case something happens.’ Okay. He left the boxes there. I burned them all onto a hard drive. The next day, he came back, took the box, that was it…I didn’t give those files any thought at all. Well, towards the end of 2019, I get a call from a reporter. He said, ‘I wanted to ask you about Joseph Recarey.’ I said, ‘Oh, how is he doing?’ I haven’t talked to him in years…And the reporter says, ‘Well, he’s dead.’”

Dougan eventually fled the country and settled in Russia after being raided by the FBI for allegedly being a hacker.

Dougan claims that he was raided because he uncovered rampant police corruption. 

Why he won’t release them

Hecker and her co-host Elizabeth Lane asked Dougan why he has not released the files, and he explained, “The FBI has this stuff. Okay? It’s their job as a law enforcement agency to do something. The people want this information. They need to put pressure on the FBI. Okay? As a private citizen, I can’t be looking through child pornography. A lot of people are like, ‘Well, dump the videos online.’ Come on, if you are a victim of child pornography, are you gonna want your videos out there for the world to see? That’s the first thing. Second of all, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in a Russian prison for distributing that. Okay? … There’s so many ethical problems with it. So you know, what do you do? You have to put pressure on the FBI. They’ve got the information. They can do something with it.”

According to Dougan and journalists who have been all over the story, the FBI has the Epstein blackmail files and is sitting on them.

If true, law enforcement knows precisely whom Epstein secretly recorded.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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