A major establishment media outlet just admitted the elites used this one tool to re-educate the masses after Donald Trump

Donald Trump woke up millions of Americans.

But the elites want to put them back to sleep.

Now the establishment admitted to using one tool in order to indoctrinate the public after Donald Trump.

Entrenched institutions like government agencies and legacy media have taken a gigantic hit in the credibility department.

Instead of simply telling the truth, these institutions are engaging in psyops (psychological operations) in an attempt to regain their assumed authority.

The Financial Times, an outlet dedicated to globalism, essentially admitted that in a recent article.

According to The Financial Times, misinformation about COVID is the byproduct of meddling from foreign actors like Iran, Russia, and China.

The outlet argued that “the most important task in psychological defense is to inoculate the population against believing false information…This involves teaching the public how to verify information.”

The establishment’s “solution” to battling misinformation is encouraging people to rely on “trusted” sources.

The problem is those are always the very ones backed by the establishment.

For example, the browser extension NewsGuard is supposed to assist users in determining which news outlets are credible, and which ones are not.

But NewsGuard is a Microsoft product and assumes all of the biases of that corporation, which is heavily intertwined with the government.

Legacy media and left-wing outlets are boosted while Conservative or counter-narrative sites are suppressed.

Other fact-checking sites like Snopes and Politifact and the AP all have a left-wing bias.

The New York Times won a Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of the Russiagate Hoax, which was all nonsense.

Yet The NYT is an authoritative source.

In reality, establishment institutions are some of the biggest purveyors of fake news and misinformation.

The Financial Times ironically argued that a “citizenry able to distinguish truth from falsehoods is vital.” 

But “trusted” sources repeatedly prove their the ones spreading falsehoods and covering up the truth. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci of the NIAID and Dr. Francis Collins of the NIH colluded via email to discredit the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration.

Meanwhile you have MSNBC hosts like Rachel Maddow saying that Russian president Vladimir Putin could shut down the U.S. power grid during a cold snap and kill millions of Americans.

Yet “psychological defence” as encouraged by The Financial Times must include smearing three epidemiologists from Stanford, Harvard, and Oxford.

The most powerful psyop used by the establishment is propaganda, and Americans are constantly swimming in it thanks to the corporate-controlled press.

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