A Jill Biden organization is now pushing one bone-chilling scheme on children

Democrats are hell-bent on pushing woke indoctrination on kids.

They’re hoping no one notices. 

Now this Jill Biden organization is pushing a bone-chilling scheme on children.

The National Education Association (NEA) is the biggest union in the country with nearly 3 million members.

Jill Biden is the highest profile member of the union. 

The pandemic laid bare the rot teachers unions like the NEA have infected public schools with.

Parents have now seen firsthand the Marxist indoctrination pushed on their kids.

Divisive left-wing ideas like Critical Race Theory and gender insanity had seeped into every subject.

The most powerful force in education are the teachers unions that shape nearly every aspect of K-12 education.

Teachers’ unions and Democrats have always had a cozy relationship with unions pouring millions into Democrat campaigns and providing volunteers for get out the vote efforts.

In turn, Democrats let the teachers’ unions shape the educational agenda to suit their radical leftwing aims.

During the 2021 Virginia governor’s race, Democrat Terry McAuliffe let the truth slip when he said, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

They’ve been one of the main architects of putting radical leftwing concepts into every level of education.

The union is so powerful that the Biden administration’s CDC let them set the guidance on school reopening during the pandemic.

Now a new report from the NEA’s annual conference reveals the insane Marxist indoctrination they want to push on children.

Normally, the conference is closed to non-union members but their agenda was revealed by Terry Stoops, a conservative education expert with the John Locke Foundation.

A series of proposals to be voted on for ratification by union membership, called New Business Initiatives (NBI) exposes their woke insanity.

“NEA is a social justice union that is a majority female and trans and gender non-confirming folx,” one NBI said. Adding that any restriction on abortion is an attack on “students, families, and communities” and demanding the union “publicly stand in defense of abortion.”

What abortion has to do with teaching kindergarten was never clarified.

Another NBI called on the union to abandon the use of the words “mother” and “father” for more “LGBTQIA+ inclusive” language like “birthing parent” and “non-birthing parent.”

A third called for the NEA to commit to “young people’s right to learn about and develop their own sexual orientation and gender identity.”

NBI’s pushed a series of absurd social justice concepts like “environmental racism” and “climate justice.”

After pushing for schools to be shut down, the union proposed pushing for permanent mandatory masking and vaccine mandates.

Last year the union approved an NBI to “oppose attempts to ban critical race theory.”

In 2019, the NEA showed how uncommitted to education it was when a resolution to “rededicate itself to the pursuit of increased student learning” was voted down.

These shocking revelations from the country’s largest teachers’ union show the battle over curriculum in schools is just beginning. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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