A globalist health czar said something about Monkeypox that made liberals furious

The public health regime was a disaster during COVID.

And Monkeypox is already shaping up to be a disaster.

Now one globalist health czar said something about Monkeypox that made liberals furious.

The World Health Organization (WHO) destroyed its credibility during the Wuhan Virus outbreak.

It became clear that the WHO was in China’s pocket, which led to terrible decision-making, such as trusting China when the Chinese Communist Party said that COVID was airborne and that it came from a wet market.

Now, the WHO is fumbling Monkeypox.

World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who goes by Dr. Tedros, overruled the organization’s special advisory committee in unprecedented fashion in order to declare Monkeypox an emergency.

The committee voted 9-6 against the declaration, but he did it anyway.

However, some of his left-wing proponents balked when he said that men engaging in gay sex should decrease their number of partners in light of the outbreak.

Dr. Tedros said, “For men who have sex with men, this includes, for the moment, reducing your number of sexual partners, reconsidering sex with new partners and exchanging contact details with any new partners to enable follow-up if needed.”

The LGBTQ+ community has fought the stigma of Monkeypox as a “gay diesease,” even though 98% of cases involve men having sex with other men.

Yale professor Gregg Gonsalves, who is gay, recently said, “The answer isn’t shut down all these parties, tell gay men to stop having sex at them or dancing in close proximity to each other. It won’t work. It hasn’t worked for HIV or other kinds of infectious disease outbreaks among gay men.”

Gonsalves’s statement is of course undercut by his advocating for COVID lockdowns.  

If they were logical for everyone under COVID, you’d think he’d support urging the LGBTG+ community to scale back the parties and promiscuity he mentions.

Dr. Tedros added that “stigma and discrimination can be as dangerous as any virus and can fuel the outbreak…Although 98 percent of cases so far are among men who have sex with men, anyone exposed can get Monkeypox, which is why WHO recommends that countries take action to reduce the risk of transmission to other vulnerable groups, including children, pregnant women and those who are immunosuppressed.”

This is shades of the AIDS crisis all over again.

When AIDS was spreading almost exclusively among gay men in the early 1980s, there was pushback from the gay community that they were being stigmatized.

That led to AIDS spreading faster and wider.

Later, the criticism from the gay community was that Ronald Reagan—and Margaret Thatcher in the UK—did not do enough to protect the community.

The Left always finds a way to blame conservatives for everything.

When people speak up, they’re accused of stigmatization. When they don’t, the smear is reckless indifference.

Now, leftists are even pushing to rename Monkeypox as part of their “de-stigmatization” campaign, even though it’s been around for decades under that name.

This was the same charade that was played during COVID.

Globalists and leftists seem more concerned with controlling language and perception than proper health outcomes.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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