A former State Department official just blew the whistle on a bone-chilling effort to keep Biden in power

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There is nobody that scares the bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. more than Donald Trump.

As a result, Joe Biden and his cronies will go to any lengths to prevent another Trump Presidency.

But a former State Department official just blew the whistle on a bone-chilling effort to keep Biden in power.

Joe Biden’s latest surveillance scheme could easily be his most concerning yet

More Americans than ever before use the internet to communicate and spread ideas, which makes protecting online free speech vitally important. 

However, Joe Biden and his cronies do not seem to agree, having taken numerous steps to prevent such a free flow of discourse online.

Most recently, it was unveiled that Joe Biden and his cohorts in Washington, D.C. are working on a plan which would take their digital surveillance and censorship schemes to the next level.

Former State Department official Mike Benz is executive director at the Freedom Foundation Online and now spearheads efforts there to expose the politically-driven surveillance schemes that he calls a “snitch network.”

Last Friday on X, Benz called the scheme.

“Here’s a planning meeting for ‘Civic Listening’ snitch networks to mass report Tucker Carlson & Rand Paul posts going viral on WhatsApp that oppose open borders migration or vaccine passports.”

He added, “The center running this, National Conference on Citizenship, was created by Congress.”

As Benz points out in another post, instead of just monitoring and censoring what people publicly post online, the Biden Administration is cooking up a plan to monitor what people send in private or direct messages to one another.

This especially pertains to any content that may threaten the Biden Administration’s ambitions.

According to a report released by the Foundation for Freedom Online, it was uncovered that a nonprofit organization known as Meedan has received significant grants from the government. 

The Check program, for example, essentially allows users to flag comments, messages, and posts they do not like, putting them in a government database.

Per the Foundation for Freedom Online, “(this) organization has received one of the largest federal grants ever awarded for a censorship program: $5.7 million in taxpayer dollars was awarded to it by the National Science Foundation (NSF) for its work to tackle ‘hate, abuse, and misinformation with minority-led partnerships.’ ” 

The report adds that Meedan also received a smaller ($144,850) grant from the government-funded Open Technology Fund for a “claims and memes database” to monitor “fact-checked claims and debunked visual misinformation from internet repressive countries.”

Government watchdogs fear that this move could signal the government’s interest in expanding their domestic surveillance infrastructure, essentially establishing a database of people who could pose a threat to the future of the Joe Biden regime. 

Many experts believe that these grants could signal an acceleration in Joe Biden’s attempts to quell free speech, especially as the 2024 elections loom. 

There is no limit to how far Joe Biden and his allies will go to retain power

These recently released reports demonstrate just how far the Biden Administration is willing to go when it comes to advancing its surveillance abilities, which ultimately facilitate and bolster its censorship abilities. 

Some have compared these schemes to those of authoritarian governments such as the Communist Chinese regime, which similarly funnels massive amounts of money into silencing dissent online.

As Joe Biden’s poll numbers continue to slip, many fear that he will become more desperate, pumping even more money into troubling programs such as this one. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for more updates to this ongoing story.

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