Donald Trump could not believe his ears after a judge takes this drastic step


Although many Americans are caught up in international events, the state of America is in turmoil.

Former President Donald Trump faces a barrage of legal attacks, and it does not help that many of the judges presiding over his cases are well-known leftists.

But Donald Trump could not believe his ears after a judge took this drastic step.

Former President Donald Trump faces numerous legal battles all across the nation, following a barrage of litigious attacks from the Left over the last year or so in particular.

To make matters worse, many of the judges assigned to these cases have a reputation for their far-left political leanings.

One such Judge is U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

Judge Chutkan was selected to oversee former President Donald Trump’s lawsuit regarding his alleged role in what the Left deems as “election interference” culminating in the protests that occurred on January 6, 2021.

Just this week Chutkan issued a limited gag order on Trump, which was requested by prosecutors from Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice.

This gag order prevents Donald Trump from issuing statements or “reposting” statements “publicly targeting” special counsel Jack Smith and any of his staff.

The gag order also pertains to Judge Chutkan, including her staff and the staff of other D.C. District Court personnel.

But it does not end there. The gag order also prevents Donald Trump from making statements about potential witnesses in this ongoing case, including the matter of their potential upcoming testimonies.

This gag order treads into uncharted waters, as this is the first time that a former President and leading candidate for President has faced such legal scrutiny.

Furthermore, this gag order prevents Donald Trump from adequately campaigning on the trail and the unfair treatment that he believes he is receiving.

Donald Trump is receiving unprecedented hostile treatment from Judge Chutkan and others

A quick glance at Judge Chutkan’s record shows that she is no friend of Donald Trump and his supporters.

Chutkan, who was born in Jamaica, and later immigrated to the United States, is a well-known Democrat who donated to the Barack Obama campaign and supports other far-left causes.

Chutkan was then appointed by Barack Obama to serve in her current role as a United States District Judge.

Additionally, Judge Chutkan presided over a number of cases involving participants in the January 6th protests, in which Judge Chutkan handed down sentences that were more severe than what the prosecutors recommended.

It is fair to say that Judge Chutkan is no fan of President Donald Trump and that she will be especially harsh against the former President.

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