YouTube tried to take on Ron Paul. But they severely underestimated the former Congressman’s base

Big Tech continues to wield its unconstitutional censorship arm at anyone that violates the arbitrary “terms and agreements” each platform has put in place.

Well one of the Big Tech giants tried to take on the wrong man and they learned the hard way that some people will not be swayed by leftist propaganda.

YouTube tried to take on Ron Paul. But they severely underestimated the former Congressman’s base.

Censorship is running rampant in America and most of it is happening on the Internet.

Big Tech controls much of the Internet’s infrastructure and has become the clearinghouse of sorts for what people are allowed to share on the world wide web.

Numerous reports have been leaked recently about the various tech giants taking orders not just from the Democrat Party, but from communist countries such as Russia and China.

No longer can people express their views on social media without the fear of being censored.

The spreading of misinformation is what Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube like to call it.

That misinformation, however, is often true but it doesn’t align with a radical leftist agenda, so they call it “wrong” and remove it.

People are fired up over the constant censorship of information and they’re starting to fight back.

Oftentimes, however, the voices fighting back just aren’t powerful enough.

Until now . . .

YouTube messed with the wrong people.

In a recent attempt to silence former Texas Congressman Ron Paul – who is no stranger to being censored – YouTube removed the Ron Paul Institute Channel from the platform.

Now warning was given, no strikes, no evidence.


The channel was just removed.

In response to the removal, a Tweet by Ron Paul went viral announcing YouTube had terminated the account with no explanation.

Not surprisingly backlash ensued.

One thing that became clear during both Paul’s 2008 and 2012 presidential bids was that his fiercely loyal supporters would do anything to defend the Congressman and that hasn’t changed.

Despite having retired from Congress, Paul still draws a crowd wherever he goes.

Paul appealed the removal by YouTube and initially received a response from the company denying the appeal.

However, only about an hour after Ron Paul’s Tweet went viral the channel suddenly and without explanation was restored.


Sorry, YouTube, but you messed with the wrong guy this time.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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