YouTube reinstated one banned channel that infuriated conservatives

Big Tech censorship is becoming alarmingly normal.

Almost nobody bats an eye when a conservative is banned from social media.

But YouTube reinstated one banned channel that infuriated conservatives.

Right Wing Watch, a social media project for the far-left People for the American Way, was temporarily banned from YouTube, but was quickly reinstated.

RWW is similar to Media Matters in that it is a left-wing smear machine that trawls Right-of-Center content in order to take clips out of context.

Many conservatives pointed out that RWW was receiving its comeuppance for engaging in cancel culture of anyone on the Right.

But RWW’s punishment was short-lived.

A YouTube spokesman announced, “Right Wing Watch’s YouTube channel was mistakenly suspended, but upon further review, has now been reinstated.”

So RWW gets to smear conservatives as racists and encourage doxxing and harassment, and gets reinstated after pushback from left-wing journalists.

But conservatives journalists are constantly walking the razor’s edge for simply doing their jobs.

For example, investigative reporter James O’Keefe was permanently banned from Twitter under bogus reasoning – Twitter accused him of operating spam accounts.

O’Keefe is suing Twitter, and he has a flawless record in lawsuits thus far.

Left-wing media is pushing the envelope when it comes to defamation.

Their goal is to make life miserable for conserative journalists, and they’re more than willing to color outside the lines.

The New York Times planned a hit piece against Tucker Carlson where they were going to disclose his new location after Antifa goons attacked his home in Washington, D.C.

If there was ever any doubt that the rules are applied differently for liberals and conservatives, this episode should be a shining example.

Conservatives need to have backup plans when the ultimate right-wing purge happens on these main social media sites.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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