YouTube nixed one Trump interview for a disturbing reason

Big Tech is squeezing free speech harder with its tentacles.

The oligarchs who run these companies decided that Donald Trump is not allowed to have a voice.

Now YouTube nixed one Trump interview for a disturbing reason.

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino has filled the void of right-of-center news aggregators left by The Drudge Report, which is now indistinguishable from a leftist rag at this point.

Bongino recently interviewed Donald Trump on his podcast, but it was taken off YouTube for no credible reason at all.

The Bongino Report stated:

YouTube’s policy of systematically attempting to erase Donald Trump from existence continues.

Earlier today Dan interviewed President Trump . . . The two discussed the prospect of a 2024 presidential run, potential 2020 election fraud, and the disastrous Biden presidency, among other issues. But you wouldn’t have heard any of it on YouTube, which is apparently attempting to justify censoring it under the guise of their ‘deceptive practices and scams’ policy, as opposed to their ‘we don’t like Trump’ policy.

Every single major social media company banned Trump after the Capitol Hill riot, and the rise of censorship has only gotten worse.

These platforms won’t even allow his voice to be heard, literally.

Facebook pulled an interview Trump did with his daughter-in-law because any sound clips with his voice are prohibited.

YouTube apparently has implemented the same Orwellian policy because there was no reason to take down the interview.

The Democrat Party and Big Tech have essentially merged to create an establishment narrative firewall.

Anyone who contradicts the narrative runs the risk of being “canceled” by the mob for any arbitrary reason.

For example, the New York Post, the oldest publication in the country, was locked out of its Twitter account for tweeting a bombshell report about Hunter Biden and his “laptop from hell.”

Twitter falsely claimed the Post violated Twitter’s “hacked materials” policy even though there was zero evidence a hack had taken place.

Conversely, Twitter had no problem with stories about Trump’s tax returns going viral right before the election.

Facebook said they intentionally slowed the dissemination of the Biden story because of its provenance, but they have never handled any negative Trump story with the same level of care.

Asymmetrical information warfare is taking place, and the Democrats – with the aid of Big Tech – have no qualms about the rules of engagement.

Thankfully, Bongino was able to post the interview on YouTube competitor Rumble.

If the Left insists on censorship, they will only strengthen upstart platforms.  

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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