YouTube just kneecapped one company for a disturbing reason

Big Tech is openly hostile toward Republicans and conservatives.

It took Donald Trump’s permanent suspension from multiple social media platforms to wake people up.

And YouTube just kneecapped one company for a disturbing reason.

The digital news site Grabien has been demonetized on YouTube, which means the company can no longer make money on its videos that appear on the Google-owned platform.

Grabien founder Tom Elliott broke the news on Twitter and detailed how his site had been unjustly targeted:

Grabien has become known for compiling public-domain political videos into supercuts that show the devastating hypocrisy of the corporate press.

The channel was given a “strike” for reusing other people’s content, but all of their montages are unique.

If a channel gets three strikes, they get nuked entirely from the platform.

Because Grabien has been so effective, YouTube felt it necessary to take them out.

Fortunately for Elliott and Grabien, the site does not rely on monetization from YouTube.

In 2017, the first “Adpocalypse,” i.e. mass demonetization of political YouTube channels, prompted many on the platform to adapt and ensure their revenue streams were secure.

Many did not adapt and faded into oblivion.

Grabien has been able to sidestep the thumb of Big Tech for now, but it’s clear that the social media giants view them as a threat.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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