YouTube declared war on anyone who questions the effectiveness of this authoritarian COVID mandate

Big Tech is taking down information they deem “incorrect” at warp speed these days.

If it doesn’t match the radical leftist narrative Joe Biden and his administration are spewing, then it must be done away with regardless of it being factual.

And YouTube declared war on anyone who questions the effectiveness of this authoritarian COVID mandate.

YouTube, which is owned by tech behemoth Google, is threatening to ban any users who question the effectiveness of face masks.

Despite the fact that even some on the Left have said that face masks aren’t as effective as they may have once believed.

According to recently released information, buried deep down in YouTube’s “COVID-19 medical misinformation policy” are clauses that allow YouTube to “deplatform” anyone who dares contest information about masks.

“Claims that wearing a mask is dangerous or causes negative physical health effects.  Claims that masks do not play a role in preventing the contraction or transmission of COVID-19” both violate YouTube’s policy according to the document.

The Big Tech giant doesn’t stop there though continuing in the policy by saying that claims masks cause brain damage, affect oxygen levels or can give COVID will also be punished.

So, ignore all the science and medical experts now saying that there could be issues with masks because YouTube has spoken and they say that is all false.

This is where the world is – a video platform is deciding what medical information can and can’t be shared.

In the policy, YouTube reserves the right to grant an exception to violating videos “if that content includes additional context in the video, audio, title, or description.”

But they finish it off by stating “this is not a free pass to promote misinformation.”

Again, people are deciding what is and what isn’t misinformation and it all based solely on their political agendas.

Big Tech is in the back pocket of the Democrat Party and will stop at nothing to shut down anyone who tries to speak truth because they know the only way to control the people is to control what information they take in.

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