You’ll be shocked at this deeply disturbing move that could lead to a new title for Meghan Markle

Many consider Meghan Markle the one now wearing the pants in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex household.

But Harry may not just be wearing the skirt.

And you’ll be shocked at this deeply disturbing move that could lead to a new title for Meghan Markle.

Men in Prince Harry’s family have a long tradition of wearing . . .  well skirt-like attire.

But Harry seems a different breed altogether.

Especially since getting married to Meghan Markle.

Many consider Meghan – who is rumored to be considering a run for US Senate in California – the one really wearing the pants now.

But Prince Harry isn’t just wearing the skirt.

It appears he could be using a position on the left-wing Aspen Institute’s Commission on Information Disorder to aid Meghan Markle’s political ambitions.

Anyone who’s not been under a rock the past few years knows Big Tech has flexed its muscle in a big way to prove to the world that they can, and will, control what people try to disseminate through the internet.

Censorship is alive and well.

And now, Prince Harry and the Aspen Insistitute want Big Tech to put more censorship protocols in place to guard against “misinformation.”

First it was banning a sitting U.S. president from social media.

Then came the clear removal of COVID facts that flew in the face of Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden’s agenda.

Now it’s pretty much anything the Left doesn’t like.

But soon online censorship could be the means for the Royal Family getting revenge for Americans giving them the boot in 1776.

The Aspen Institute, recently released its Commission on Information Disorder report.

In it the Commission – which includes Harry – clearly states they don’t believe there is enough censorship from Big Tech.

The report details several proposals the group suggests would best combat “misinformation.”

Once again, though, the definition of “misinformation” is what aligns with the elite’s liberal ideologies.

And you can bet things like criticising Meghan Markle’s potentially looming Senate campaign would qualify.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a fact or not, if it doesn’t line up with the radical leftist agenda it must be suppressed.

“Harmful misinformation posted by influential accounts should be prioritized for moderation and addressed (e.g., through labels, downranking, or removal) inaccurate claims regarding public health as well as ‘threats against democracy’,” the report reads.

No clear outline of what they believe “harmful information” to be just that it needs to be stopped.

The Aspen Institute is funded by left-wing foundations like the Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Foundation.

And the institute’s Commission on Information Disorder is staffed by almost all liberals.

The Commission includes Katie Couric, Prince Harry, Kathryn Murdoch and Chris Krebs, who previously headed the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

The report also included a recommendation for the White House to create a “dedicated team to define the disinformation problem and to clearly articulate desired objectives, leadership, responsibilities, authorities, and capabilities.”

The Left will stop at nothing to silence those who disagree with them and threaten their power.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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