You’ll be red with rage after seeing this Big Tech giant’s latest boot-licking move to appease the Chinese Communist censors

China is hellbent on replacing the United States as the world’s superpower.

There is almost no line that the Chinese Communist Party will not cross.

And you’ll be red with rage after seeing this Big Tech giant’s latest boot-licking move to appease the Chinese Communist censors.

Big Tech companies like Google, Twitter, and Amazon are no longer American companies.

They are multinational corporations that built their brands in the United States, but they now have global interests.

That’s why it’s so easy for Amazon to censor Americans and do the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party without remorse.

And Amazon’s latest China boot-licking will leave you red with rage.

The e-tail giant censored negative reviews for Chinese president Xi Jinping’s book.

From Reuters:

“ Inc was marketing a collection of President Xi Jinping’s speeches and writings on its Chinese website about two years ago, when Beijing delivered an edict, according to two people familiar with the incident. The American e-commerce giant must stop allowing any customer ratings and reviews in China. A negative review of Xi’s book prompted the demand, one of the people said. ‘I think the issue was anything under five stars,’ the highest rating in Amazon’s five-point system, said the other person.”

Meanwhile, Amazon is actively censoring American books on the platform.

Princeton grad and Heritage Foundation alum Ryan Anderson had his book “When Harry Became Sally” banned from Amazon after the powerful Transgender Lobby flexed its muscle.

But Communist propaganda is perfectly fine.

Reuters continued:

“Amazon’s compliance with the Chinese government edict, which has not been reported before, is part of a deeper, decade-long effort by the company to win favor in Beijing to protect and grow its business in one of the world’s largest marketplaces. An internal 2018 Amazon briefing document that describes the company’s China business lays out a number of ‘Core Issues’ the Seattle-based giant has faced in the country. Among them: ‘Ideological control and propaganda is the core of the toolkit for the communist party to achieve and maintain its success,’ the document notes. ‘We are not making judgement on whether it is right or wrong.’”

According to the bigwigs at Amazon, Communism is not either “right or wrong.”

Amazon and other Big Tech companies no longer exude American values.

They are fully onboard with censorship and centralized control.

Americans can no longer look at these Big Tech giants as American companies.

They are not.

Their interests and incentives lie elsewhere.

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