You won’t believe the shady “business” interests that underlie this one Twitter move

Big Tech is the new enforcement arm of the establishment.

Any and all counter-narrative voices are flirting with being canceled.

And you won’t believe the shady “business” interests that underlie this one Twitter move.

Dave Portnoy of Barstool sports is being targeted by the corporate-controlled media establishment.

Portnoy, an irreverent voice and a constant guest on Fox News, was the subject of a hit piece from Business Insider.

The outlet spent over eight months putting together an article slapping together tawdry details about Portnoy’s sex life to paint him as a monstrous figure.

When Portnoy defended himself, Twitter intervened to suspend him.

From Breitbart:

“Barstool sports founder Dave Portnoy was suspended from Twitter after posting an email exchange revealing an editor of Business Insider refusing to come on his podcast to discuss the publication’s hit piece about his sex life. The screenshot showed an email exchange with Nicholas Carlson, the global editor of Business Insider, in which he refuses to accept Portnoy’s invitation. Portnoy posted the exchange on Instagram too, denouncing Business Insider as ‘cowards.’ The Barstool founder criticized Twitter for double standards after it failed to take action against Carlson for posting his home address.”

Portnoy said:

“I got suspended from posting on Twitter for 12 hours for posting this…Keep in mind Nicholas Carlson posted my actual home address.”

So Business Insider can publish Portnoy’s home address, but he immediately gets suspended for posting an email.

These big tech companies have intentionally arbitrary rules so they can be ignored or enforced on whichever whim serves the establishment.

Perhaps the most absurd part of the story on Portnoy is that the article does not allege any criminal behavior.

The only purpose of the piece was to attack his character and hurt his business interest.

Coincidentally, Portnoy was part of a group that was vying to get a sportsbook in New York State, but the state gaming commission denied the request while approving the application from a group that owns Business Insider.

The timing of the hit piece certainly raises questions.

Whether the article was intended to ruin Portnoy’s chances at getting a sportsbook or not, the entire ordeal shows the power and amorality of the corporate press.

They will go to any depths to take out an opponent, and social media giants like Twitter will back them up.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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