You won’t believe the 18th century Anglo-American the COVID speech stasi just declared makes vaccine advocates feel unsafe

Facebook’s algorithm is set up to block many things that don’t fit the approved COVID narrative.

They’re always adding more to the unapproved list.

And the COVID speech stasi just dropped the hammer on this 18th century Anglo-American for making vaccine advocates feel “unsafe.”

Facebook’s “fact check” continues to come under fire for being arbitrary and having no clearly established guidelines.

Quite frankly, if it’s something that seems a little too far to the Right, Facebook bans it.

And now, Facebook’s algorithm is blocking quotes by figures from the 18th century – historical figures that had connections to the Declaration of Independence.

Facebook’s so-called “fact checking” systems seem to be only checking conservative ideologies and COVID facts these days.

Reports are surfacing on a regular basis showing things like Islamic terrorists being allowed to post on Facebook, but actual medical doctors getting banned for questioning the efficacy of the vaccine.

The entire situation is ridiculous and Big Tech isn’t even trying to hide what they’re doing anymore.

Now it appears that Facebook – and it’s partner company Instagram – have become some type of authority on 18th century quotes.

In one of its most recent attempts to stop “misinformation” Facebook “fact checked” a quote by 18th century Anglo-American Thomas Paine.

Thomas Paine was instrumental in inspiring the Declaration of Independence and was a prominent figure during the Enlightenment age.

What was the offensive quote, you ask?

“He who dares not offend cannot be honest,” which came from Paine’s writing in the Pennsylvania Journal on April 24, 1776.

According to Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm this is fake news and worthy of a ban.

Instagram informed biologist Colin Wright, who posted the image of Paine and the quote on his account, that this flew in the face of community guidelines.

Other users have been notified of 24-hour suspensions for posting or commenting on the quote by Paine.

Facebook released a statement that the quote by Paine makes vaccine advocates feel unsafe.

“We have these standards because misinformation about vaccines can make some people feel unsafe on Facebook,” the company said.


That doesn’t even make sense.

What in the world does the vaccine have to do with something a historical figure from the 18th century said?

This is just the beginning.

The Left will stop at nothing to silence conservative voices of today and erase every bit of history.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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