You won’t believe Joe Biden’s latest 1984-style surveillance scheme against Americans

Joe Biden wants Big Government to have total control over Americans’ lives.

Now that he’s in the White House, he can be Big Brother.

And you won’t believe his latest 1984 surveillance scheme against Americans.

Joe Biden is desperate to fundamentally transform the country into a socialist nightmare.

He’s used the pandemic as an excuse to roll out more control over Americans and invade their privacy.

Now, he’s launching one of the biggest Big Brother surveillance schemes in American history.

The IRS is planning to start requiring a video selfie to access their website this summer.

The move is supposedly being done to “improve” the taxpayer experience and prevent fraud.

Taxpayers will be required to record a video of themselves and send it to a company called that the IRS has contracted with. would then verify the taxpayer’s identity or, if they reject them, set up a video call where they demand you show more personal documents to one of the company’s “trusted referees.” 

The program has been partially-implemented, with some taxpayers already being required to use the system.

Unsurprisingly, reports indicate the system is plagued with long wait times and a confusing process.

And you know the federal government cronies running it will be anything but trustworthy or even nice as they demand citizens hand over a massive amount of their personal information.

Imagine the DMV lady, meets proctologist, meets T.S.A levels of rudeness as they demand citizens submit and hand over a massive amount of their personal information. 

During the Obama years, IRS hatchet-women Lois Lerner illegally targeted Conservatives for audits.

Adding in some Hunter Biden frat-crony, running the so-called “private” company and handling the information just adds to the risk.

Even deranged Anti-Trump Democrat Ted Leiu questioned the move.

He said, “This is a very, very bad idea by the IRS. It will further weaken Americans’ privacy. . . . The IRS needs to reverse this Big Brother tactic, now.”

Republican Senator Rick Scott of Florida warned, “This is Big Brother. By the way, this is the same IRS that got hacked a few years ago and millions of millions of millions of people’s personal data was released. Number one, the government . . . shouldn’t be doing this. Number two, you know that it’s going to get hacked. There is no confidentiality. I’m surprised . . . Biden probably has a Chinese company doing it.”

Even beyond the privacy implications, this system is a disaster for taxpayers.

The IRS is already back-logged on 2022 tax returns and adding another layer of complications will just create more headaches for taxpayers.

Look no further than the failed roll out of the Obamacare website to see how incompetent the government’s handling of technology is.

This is the latest attempt by the government to require biometric ID to interact with the government.

20 federal agencies have mandated digital ID in recent years and the number could grow.

About the only thing the federal government won’t be demanding them for is illegals crossing the border or casting a ballot.

It remains to be seen whether the system becomes fully-implemented but it seems clear that the Biden regime is hell bent on increasing surveillance of Americans.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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