You will be shocked to learn what violent group FBI counterterrorism is NOT tracking

The hypocrisy behind who the government “tracks” and who it doesn’t “track” is glaring.

It isn’t a matter of danger anymore, now it’s about those who oppose the current administration and its radical agenda.

And you will be shocked to learn what violent group FBI counterterrorism is NOT tracking.

Last week during a congressional hearing, which was titled “Confronting Violent White Supremacy (Part VI),” Timothy Langan the FBI’s assistant director of counterterrorism admitted the Bureau is not tracking Antifa and the group’s violent activities.

Langan said the FBI doesn’t consider the group to be an “organization.”

When asked about how much violence or “domestic terrorism” Antifa has committed in recent years the assistant director of counterterrorism had no answer.

“Well, we don’t identify groups but individuals,” Langan stated.

Flashback to 2020 when FBI Director under former President Trump, Christopher Wray, stated “We have seen Antifa adherence coalescing and working together in what I would describe as small groups and nodes.”

So, are they or are they not “organizations” by definition?

During former President Trump’s tenure, the FBI was conducting multiple investigations into some anarchist violent extremists the Bureau thought were operating the “nodes.”

Just last Fall, FBI Director Fay, said “Antifa is a real thing.”

And in 2017, both the FBI and DHS classified Antifa activity as “domestic terrorist violence.”

So, what they’re saying is that now that Joe Biden is President, Antifa is no longer considered a domestic terrorist organization?

Sounds awfully shady.

Especially given the other day the FBI was tapped to target parents who speak out against their school boards.

So, parents upset over vaccine mandates and the unnecessary masking of their children are more of a threat than Antifa? That’s an interesting spin.

Assistant Counterterrorism Director Langan continued on during the testimony and confirmed the FBI isn’t taking Antifa seriously.

“The director has previously described them as a ‘movement’ and there have been individuals that have associated or identified with Antifa that have conducted violent acts that we would categorize as anarchist,” Langan stated when asked if he would classify Antifa as an anarchist group.

Now they’re saying Antifa is a “movement.”

Well, many of the groups on the Right could be considered a “movement” as well, but Joe Biden wants them surveilled and censored because they’re so-called violent threats to the country.

Antifa is a violent group that is bent on establishing some type of communist or socialist government in the United States and that’s why Biden and his administration won’t call them a threat.

Everyone knows Antifa will fight the Left’s battles for them and that Joe Biden wants a communist nation.

It’s the middle class, patriotic everyday American citizen Biden wants done away with, not the leftist violent thugs who will incite deadly riots to get their way and scare the innocent public.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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