Xi Jinping is furious after the Senate sends this warning shot to China

China News Service, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Communist China is on the march, and wide-sweeping data collection of American citizens is a major part of their global strategy.

Global domination is the end game for China, and they will do anything to achieve this goal.

But, Xi Jinping is furious after the Senate sends this warning shot to China.

Communist China might be watching everything you do

The Communist Chinese are making significant advances regarding their military and technology with the ultimate goal of global domination.

Collecting the data of Americans is an important step in this ambitious plan, and many technology experts believe that China has been doing this for years.

Widely used apps like TikTok are believed to be nothing more than probes that have the power to transmit valuable data to the Chinese government.

For this reason, the United States Senate is pursuing policies that would end this dubious scheme.

President Trump signed an executive order to require that the company sever ties with China only.

Biden overturned Trump TikTok executive orders

Joe Biden overturned the executive order early in his Presidency.

Now amid Biden’s balloon spying humiliation and investigations into Hunter Biden’s ties to China, a top Democrat is pushing to rein in the app not because he’s worried about the safety of American’ data but over worries it’s a “propaganda tool.”

Last Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox News Sunday” Democrat Senator Mark Warner of Virginia discussed bipartisan legislation he and Senator John Thune of South Dakota have introduced which would ban TikTok and other questionable foreign technology.

After acknowledging that as many as 100 million Americans use TikTok for at least 90 minutes a day, Senator Warner said “They are taking data from Americans, not keeping it safe, but what worries me more with TikTok is that this could be a propaganda tool. The kind of videos you see would promote ideological issues.”

Teeing up the next “Russia collusion” charge?

That language mirrored “Russian meddling” statements Democrats have used to great effect clamping down on conservative speech in recent years.

Senator Warner added “If you look at what TikTok shows to the Chinese kids, which is all about science and engineering, versus what our kids see, there’s a radical difference,”

It is unclear at this point if Joe Biden would sign any legislation banning TikTok and other foreign apps.

This app is potentially giving the Chinese government sensitive information and it has faced wide criticism as corrupting the minds of young people.

While Chinese children are learning about math and science on TikTok, American children are learning about sexually explicit material, drugs, and mindless dance moves.

America’s youth cannot get enough.

Parents must be on the front lines of this technological war, and limiting screen time and the content their children see is an important first step in combating China’s dubious mission.

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