Xi Jinping is delighted after Jon Stewart got hit with this brazen act

China News Service, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to television, streaming reigns supreme, as millions of Americans every year decide to “cut the cord.”

Streaming allows for the creation of more content free of Federal Communication Commission restraints but opens the door to interference from the Big Tech companies that own these services.

And Xi Jinping is delighted after Jon Stewart got hit with this brazen act.

Big Tech will do just about anything to keep its political overlords happy

Whether it is Apple, the NBA, or Disney, major corporations will do anything to stay in the good graces of the Communist Chinese government.

These major companies know that upsetting Xi Jinping and his regime could mean the alienation of billions of consumers and the trillions of dollars they possess.

As a result, entertainment companies are very mindful of their content, especially when it comes to content that is hostile or critical of the Communist Chinese government.

Television personality Jon Stewart learned this the hard way after Apple Plus announced the cancellation of Jon Stewart’s The Problem with Jon Stewart program.

Although Apple Plus hailed The Problem with Jon Stewart as a major success after its initial airing, Apple Plus, and Jon Stewart are splitting up due to alleged “creative differences.”

At first, things seemed to be going fine with Jon Stewart and his new television show, which often echoed the opinions of the far-left.

However, as soon as Jon Stewart began broaching topics regarding artificial intelligence in China and problems with the communist regime in China, Apple Plus got a bad taste in their mouth.

Although tech giant Apple did not directly blame these topics and issues as the reason for the cancellation of The Problem with Jon Stewart, it is impossible to ignore the timeline of these events.

It is unclear whether or not Jon Stewart will attempt to keep this show alive on another platform or streaming service.

Big Tech companies will do anything to keep China happy

Appeasing China and the Chinese market is a top priority for Big tech and other entertainment companies.

More often than not, this means censoring content that is even remotely critical of China or communism in general.

These attempts to appease China provide a couple of eye-opening details about Big Tech.

First, Big Tech is far more motivated by profit than doing the right thing.

This is not surprising, but it shows that everything they spew about social justice is nothing more than marketing ploys.

These moves also reinforce the notion that Big Tech does not believe in free speech and will do anything it takes to expand their customer base.

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