WuFlu criminal Anthony Fauci targeted one very specific foe in his latest bone-chilling crackdown

Fauci’s health information censors have run roughshod over the First Amendment, since COVID hysteria first broke out.

Dr. Fauci’s desperation to control the narrative has only been matched by his authoritarian bent.

Now, the WuFlu criminal just put one specific individual in his crosshairs with a bone-chilling crackdown.

It became increasingly difficult for corporate-controlled media to dominate the narrative with the rise of independent media.

That’s why the COVID pandemic brought a huge surge in the Left’s attacks on the First Amendment freedom of speech and free press rights.

Dr. Anthony Fauci led the way and he’s dead set on maintaining an iron grip and he just demanded a commentator get booted from a popular show for refusing to bow.

The Hill’s Rising show on YouTube has become popular for attempting to provide a balanced opinion to stories of the day.

The show typically features a left-wing pundit and a right-wing pundit who give their takes on the news of the day.

But show regular Kim Iversen was forced out because she refused to bend the knee to Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Iversen, who was once a Bernie Bro but now runs in more right-of-center populist circles, appeared with conservative radio host Buck Sexton to explain her departure from Rising.

Iversen said, “I did the show for a year. Some of my most popular segments were on COVID, the pandemic response, Fauci. I was very, very critical of all of it. I really was opposed to lockdowns, mandates, rolling out vaccines that…I just felt weren’t tested enough, emergency authorization and mandating them and whatnot. So I was extremely critical of all of those things, including Fauci, built a name on that show with those segments, brought us in loads of — millions of — viewers, actually, to Rising with those segments in particular and was doing those for a year. And then what happened was I found out that Dr. Fauci was being booked as a guest on the show.”

Iversen was primed to hit Fauci with some hardball questions, but his team essentially requested that she not be on the show for that segment.

She continued, “The audience, which is a very anti-establishment, populist audience, independent-minded, they’re not going to accept me not being on this interview. They want me on that interview. The reason the audience is there is because they’ve been watching my pandemic response videos, specifically. They’re going to want me in that interview. And if you don’t have me in that interview, it’s going to be obviously suspect, the audience will revolt, they will not trust you, you need the audience to trust you.”

Ultimately, Rising caved and chose not to have Iversen be a part of the Fauci interview.

She explained the episode on her own popular YouTube channel.

The harder the establishment attempts to play the role of gatekeeper, the more credibility it loses.

People are going to get the truth one way or another.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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