Workers are cowering in fear after this latest Big Tech layoff

A state of panic has ensued within the technology sector, and nobody is safe.

Years of mismanagement and giving into the woke mob have led to absolute chaos for most Big Tech companies.

And tech workers are cowering in fear after this latest Big Tech layoff.

Big Tech is finally paying the price for their poor decisions

Now is not a very good time to be involved in the Big Tech sector.

Years of mismanagement, bowing down to the woke mob, and poor business practices have led to major layoffs at most major Big Tech companies.

The most recent company to announce massive layoffs is tech giant Google.

According to AP News, Google is set to lay off roughly 6% of its workforce, which amounts to roughly 12,000 layoffs. These layoffs represent the largest layoffs Google has ever experienced.

This announcement comes just days after other Big Tech companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook announced similar massive layoffs.

There are many causes for these layoffs, but the leading causes include a massive loss in value as a result of Google stock sinking in value.

To make matters worse, Google has lost massive amounts of money due to its unwillingness to put COVID behind them which has left its offices desolate.

For years now, Google has bent over backward to appease the far left, and the results are proving to be devastating.

Not only has wokeness caused Google and other companies to rot from the inside out, but it has also caused many investors to think twice before putting their money in Google.

If Google hopes to bounce back in the near future, then major changes will need to come to the tech giant.

First and foremost, Google needs to invest in projects and products that people actually want, not just what purple-haired freaks want.

The more Google, and other tech giants for that matter, try and appease the radical left, the more damage they do to their image and their company.

Google has also been caught red-handed working with the federal government and other powerful Leftists to silence conservatives.

Throngs of people have claimed that Google is burying conservatives’ new sights in web searches, which shows that the company has a very strict political bias.

With this in mind, it is hard to feel bad for Google and other large tech companies.

Big Tech must be held accountable for the damage they have done to America and moving forward, House Republicans must flex their newly found power to get to the bottom of these dubious practices.

Big Tech must be held accountable. No company is above legal scrutiny, and the American people deserve answers.

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