Woke CEO ran cover for Barack Obama with this shocking move

More and more companies are in the business of protecting the radical Left.

It’s gone into overdrive after Donald Trump left office.

And this woke CEO ran cover for Barack Obama with one shocking move.

Twitter has been one of the most biased Big Tech companies against conservatives.

Under their new CEO, they’ve stepped up their censorship to protect the Left.

Their latest attempt to censor a conservative could be their most shocking yet.

Twitter banned the popular account Defiant Ls (Ls is short for losses) for an unspecified reason.

Defiant L’s posted screenshots of liberal tweets side by side that exposed their hypocrisy.

Popular posts by the account would show a liberal enraged by “Let’s Go Brandon” for supposedly being rude followed by an earlier post with a profane rant against President Trump by the same person.

It held a mirror up to Left’s constant hypocrisy.

The account was suspended when it made a post about accused BLM shooter Quintez Brown.

Brown is a radical Black Lives Matters activist who received praise from the corporate-controlled media members like Joy Reid and was even supported by Obama.

Brown was among 22 students nationwide to participate in an Obama Foundation program.

He was even promoted by the Obama Foundation as a “rising face.”

Brown is alleged to have attempted to shoot a Democrat candidate for mayor in Louisville, Kentucky.

Fortunately no one was injured before Brown was arrested for attempted murder.

Defiant Ls’ last post before being suspended was a screenshot of two headlines.

The first was a headline from a column that Brown wrote that said, “Kentucky’s concealed carry law shows your life doesn’t matter to gun-loving Republicans.”

Next to it was a headline in the Louisville paper that said, “Activist Quintez Brown named in attempted shooting of Louisville mayor candidate Greenberg.”

After the post, the Defiant Ls account was suspended.

Defiant Ls had pointed out countless liberal hypocrisy before but why did this post get him suspended?

The Left has gone for years, accusing Trump supporters of political violence and “incivility” in politics.

Now, a politically-connected leftist did what the Left tries to accuse Trump supporters of.

So you have to suspect the connection to Barack Obama may have been what triggered the suspension.

A BLM youth activist championed by Obama was involved in an attempted political assassination.

If President Trump was in Obama’s shoes, this would be the top story in the corporate-controlled media for months.

The original post by Defiant Ls about Brown had massive engagement and brought attention to the Brown story in conservative circles.

Twitter wants this story and its connection to Obama to just disappear.

Fortunately, Defiant Ls’ account was restored on appeal by Twitter.

But the damage was already done, as the story shifted from the Brown shooting and his connections to Obama to the unjust censorship of Defiant Ls in conservative circles.

With Twitter’s new CEO, it’s clear that Left is going to continue being protected on the platform.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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